Being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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  1. It was about 1980 in the summer.
    Me and some friends were out cruising around smoking weed and drinking beer(that's what we usually did) in my car. It was a '73 Ford Gran Torino 4-door POS, but it was paid for!
    We were cruising around listening to some rock when we were hit with blue lights and surrounded by 5 cop cars. We are told to stay in car and not attempt to get out. This was not an ordinary stop! We are freaking out because we have beer, weed, and lots of smell on us.
    After what seemed forever, an officer cautiously approaches my car and after seeing us, he and the other officers calmed way down. He explained to us that there had been an armed bank robbery 1 mile down the road and their vehicle was same model and color as mine! These bank robbers were black, we weren't, whew!
    They let us go with no hassle!
  2. Good thing you weren't black.

  3. Sometimes it pays to be a whitey.
  4. The 80's must have been crazy
  5. You should have sued them for being racist.
  6. Judging by the hairstyles of that time, they were!
  7. In todays society it almost always pays to be white.

  8. there is nothing racist about this situation haha

    i'd have literally shit my pants if a bunch of cruisers pulled me over with guns drawn! crazy shit guy

  9. Very true.

    Unless you're walking through the ghetto at night.
  10. You shoulda talked black, i woulda been like thanks ***** and rolled out (supposed to say niga lol)

  11. ummm wether ure black or white if ure not from that ghetto u will still be in a bad situation

  12. There's a good chance that if that happened today, regardless of ethnicity that you or myself would be shot....
  13. I hope they had like, 80's 'staches.
  14. [quote name='"TheDankDude"']
    In todays society it almost always pays to be white.[/quote]

    Except for all the minorities that get the upper hand in college admissions
  15. I think it pays to be a whitey. [​IMG]

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