Being in "love" with one of your best friends... ...question???

Discussion in 'General' started by Adam G, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Ok, I need help/tips on how to deal with this. Love is a bit dramatic but maybe it is because I think she is the greatest person I have ever met, she loves the same things I do and we can talk for hours and hours a day at work. We work about 10 yards from each other and I never get bored of her.

    I'm 22 and she is 27. She knows I like her and she knows I have a problem with dating same people at work (it ruined a previous relationship for me). She says she has a problem with commitment aswell. We've known each other about 2 years and we have become very good friends.

    I dunno how to put the moves on her anymore. She has said to me I am special but when it comes down to it, something is not right, about 3 weeks back our lips nearly met while we was in a club but something stopped her and in the end she kinda did a runner. :confused:

    This is not a very cool question but I need help. She is all I think about, I need some way of working this, all I want to do is treat her like the queen she is :eek:

    Ah, I dunno - sorry for moaning ;)
  2. POETRY ADAM..POETRY IS THE KEY...scrawl something nice about her on a bathroom stall....but more importantly..take the romancing stuff slow...I listened to loveline the other night and they talked about this subject..and the number one thing that scares one of the friends away is when the other friend lays the romance shnit on em too gotta take it slow...I feel that maybe if you guys shared a tab of E (if you're into that shnit) might losen your uptightness and let you guys become closer...the holes in your brain are well worth it if you really think shes the one..make sure to mention to her that friends make great lovers..its a fact...

    (is this that girl in that picture with you two sitting on the couch or bed or whatever?)
  3. That girl in my picture is my ex - not the girl I talk of. I don't have a picture of this new girl online

    This new girl I like before I even met my ex. Cheers for that though.

    Me and this new girl (sorry for calling her new girl but I don't want to use her name) are probably going to Denmark next year together to see His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama do a teaching. That is in June though. The fact I have liked this girl two years anyway scares me that if I still feel the same and we are not together in 8 months time, it will be a tough holiday. That is well in the future though.

    I might text her that friends make great lovers now. ;)
  4. I learned the hard way not to date people I work closely with. At first it was all good but then it all went to hell. I felt smothered after the first 2 months. I mean we worked together for a little over a year before we started dating. And we had been partying together and we were really good friends. We decided to take things further and I couldnt have been happier. Then it was like I was seeing him when I was off from work and then I would have to see him all the time at work. We never had anytime apart. I was ready to kill him or myself one. So I broke up with him and we are finally talking again but it took him 4 months to talk to me after we broke up. In the long run, I ruined a good friendship that will never be the same. But I will NEVER date a co-worker again.

    But if you like her that much..........just take it slow and be careful. Women sometimes feel smothered spending too much time with someone. And she may have done the running thing after you all almost kissed because she doesnt want to ruin the friendship you all have now. Just ask her what she thinks about dating you. You will never know unless you ask. But good luck in whatever you decide to do.
  5. I care more about her than my job

    I fucking HATE telewest

    I fucking LOVE *gulps* P....
  6. P....PRUNELLA!
  7. A free english spliff for who ever guess her name right!
  8. NuBBiN you was wrong btw
  9. Penelope...
  10. pimpelina?
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  13. Priscilla?
  14. no to all of them.

    you was close though on one of them and because of this, I am only gonna give you three more guesses...

    ...did I tell you I was out of weed???

  15. peg.....porsche....
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  17. nah
  18. Im gonna have to go ahead and waste myy last guess on pumpkin-squash
  19. NOOOO!

    her name is

    *suspension gap*


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