Being high to cope with people

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokiemom, May 31, 2018.

  1. If I could feasibly/realistically be stoned all the time, I would.

    When I'm around certain people, I find myself thinking "I'm not high enough to be dealing with your bullshit."

    But sometimes I like to be high around people I really like or love cuz it makes the time, food, music, etc.., that much better.

    Is it bad to feel I need to be high in order to deal with people? Anyone else feel this way?
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  2. Nothing wrong with wanting to be stoned to cope with dumb shit. It's when you sit around and get high and not eventually deal with the dumb shit is what gets you.
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  3. Unfortunately I've done both
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  4. Using a CRUTCH now often leads to bigger things later

    why you hiding

    were you stoned signing up here because of all the strangers ...??

    Not a chance I say

    Social anxiety its called

    being a jerk it was called back in the day

    until all the doctors cashed in on it
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  5. Nah, I wasn't stoned signing up here. You guys are fellow stoners and seemingly cool people.

    Most of the assholes I can't seem to be high enough around are family. Family who don't know for a fact I'm stoned, but may have their suspicions. Sometimes it's easier to zone out than to deal with them sober.
  6. Whats that old saying i don't remember, but if everyone toked we'd have a more peaceful world.
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  7. Nothing wrong with using a crutch now and again.
  8. Keeps some people from blowing up, especially ones with short fuses.
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    There’s nuthin wrong with being high 24/7 as long as your still functioning and can support ur habit. I’m high 24/7 for a lot of reasons pain/depression mostly but I keep it on the DL edibles, microdosing, and vaping. There’s only a handful of ppl that know I use medically I’ve known ppl for 15 years that have no clue I smoke or grow.
    Different strains for dif occasions is the key in my opinion cbd at work still functioning but relaxed/focused, hybrid with lower thc at lunch, heavy indica at night.
  10. Mindfulness
  11. IANAD, but the issue you describe is a common theme in all sorts of mental disorders. Call other people dumb-shits all day all you like, but it's not them - it's you. The brain chemistry involved is not going to be explained or understood here. Connecting the CB1-2 receptor dots in the optimal way to show a normal brain function picture is still very murky science. Suffice it to say, some people just need Cannabis to be "right."
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