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Being High Saved My Life

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Wonton Soup 44, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. I was up on this ledge in the woods blazing with my friend. And i started to feel spmething crawl on me because my senses were hightened and i felt this little deer tick crawling up my wrist. I picked it up and flicked it away. Later as im getting in my car i saw more crawling all over me so i stripped and am now in boxers driving home typing this eating a cheeseburger ripped as fuckkk

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  2. That aint weed.
  3. Deer tick aint gonna kill you unless it has Lyme deseAs chill
  4. dude there's one on the back of your neck right now
  5. ^yea but it would have sucked really bad to have multiple of those
  6. you should change the title to "adventures on pcp"
  7. cool story bro...
  8. Good for you, but remember to check your anus and gooch. Check your whole body, especially under your armpits, legpits, butt cheeks, etc.
  9. i wouldn't exactly say it was the nugs man
  10. Those anal ticks can be a bitch

  11. Uh, yea, and lyme disease really, REALLY sucks.
    I've had so many friends and family members suffer from it.

    Moral of the story: if you live in a tick-infested area, make sure you check your whole body, or do a buddy check after any exposure to wooded or natural areas. :wave:

    PS- don't forget but cheek cracks, armpits, and scalps!
  12. No seriously it is bud look

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  13. also check your ears real good. i used to find a lot stuck in there when i played in the woods as a kid.
  14. Lol I only find ticks in my hair, that shits creepy.
  15. I hear if they crawl far enough up your anus, that they will start to nest inside and feed off of the forming poo in your intestines.

    Watch out OP.
  16. Holy fuck I would never go chill in the woods if those fuckers were everywhere.
  17. i come very close to getting lime disease from a deer tick if the spot where the tick was turns into a bulls eye shape get your ass down to the doctor.
  18. I checked didnt see anything i also had my friend check my back. Now im eating this

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  19. lmao thanks for the update. that donut looks good

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