Being high outside

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  1. Who else loves being high outside?
    Me and my bud smoked some pretty good stuff a few days ago in the backyard of his dad's house in the lil garden area and I gotta say it was really outstanding. I could feel the sun like I never had before and the grass looked very green and felt super soft like "nature's carpet". It was hot as balls but my skin couldn't really feel it and it just like a warm, fuzzy feeling. I knew I was pretty high off my rocker though cause my ears were ringing isane-like loud for a good 2 mins after we hit the home-made gatorade bong.

    Afterwards, we hit up McDonalds for that $10 for 50 nuggets deal and pigged out for a while. It was a really nice day :smoke:
  2. Yeah getting high and going outside is a blast. Especially in the woods
  3. :eek: 10 dollars = 50 nuggets? When!
  4. *traditional pirate accent*
    Agrh. Me love outdoor woods when dragging on ye old wacky tobacky.
  5. Getting high at sundown with 2 paranoid friends in the middle of a small forest where cops often patrol, now THAT is not exactly my idea of a great experience. Literally every time I've toked outside with people we were so uncomfortable we forgot to enjoy nature. Bit of a shame really.
  6. Here in Socal ill blaze in the 100 degree weather one day, the pouring rain lighting storm the next, the 2 week long heat wave, the record cold summer,then back to the rainstorms, then a record hot summer, then rainstorms again. In other words prefer smoking inside due to my location.
  7. weed + outdoors = good day (or good night)
  8. bro totally i roll fatass jays and sit in the woods nearby off trail at a waterfall with my dog blazin like...hey, want a toke? lolol
  9. Love being outside while high. Walking around a park high is incredible. Thompson Park in Jamesburg,NJ is my spot

  10. Never thought I'd hear someone in socal complain about the weather. Wanna switch? You can come to Chicago for the winter :smoke::smoke:
  11. haha i was wondering the same thing. I do know you can do 40 for 10$ with 10 4 piece nuggets.
  12. I use to smoke outside ALL the time, and go for really really long walks, that's where i discovered the upside down Giraffe.

    It was amazing.
  13. Ha yeah. I'm down here in South Carolina so I don't know if all the McDonalds are doing it at the same time but they were doing this special for all the ones down here like a few weeks ago. We got an ass load of ranch and bbq sauce and some sweet tea. It was the best meal ever.
  14. The only thing i hate about it is that its constantly changing. You cant really depend on the weathermen here either becuase it changes so fast.

  15. love being high outside the sun is super hot an i feel warm an fuzzy to lol but hey i like the winter better when i am high:smoke:

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