Being high on holidays

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  1. I kind of searched for this to make sure i wasn't beating a dead horse, and since i didn't find anything i'll beat an alive horse? i want to hear some stories about y'all getting stoned around family or friends for a holiday or whatever was going on and you were the only one stoned.  
    last december we went to a lake for a big family christmas (we do this every other year) we normally rent this condo type hotel thats right on the lake.  so i drive down with my mom and gma (neither knew i smoked) with an eighth i had picked up the night before.  we get down there a while before anyone else, so i "went for a walk"  and found a nice spot to chill next to the lake and packed a fat bowl of some white widow and got baked.  shit was intense.  so i go back to the hotel (place was deserted except for my family) and lay down outside and listen to some music and enjoy nature.  my brother, uncle and three young cousins come walking down and so i get up and say hello.  then my sister( who is older than me) comes down and says "i know what you've been doing out here" i say what do you think I've been doing. she says "you've been smoking weed" i say yeah. when it was time to eat i got in line and my older cousin(about 10 years apart) says "you can skip me". i say no its fine then he smiles and says "you look hungry from that walk you took".  i was still high so i spent the rest of the day upstairs in a room munching on all the food and watching movies.  from my families perspective i was antisocial, from my perspective i had a blast haha.  

  2. Good thread.Anytime we have a get together on holidays with alots of food, I always get high before. Everyone knows cuz I eat like a fucking cow.:D

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  3. I got high before going to my cousins birthday party and just sat in the hottub with my little cousin. It was fun
  4. Sorry to be offtopic, but your username does your avatar no justice. He is probably the least sarcastic [character] person ever. Wtf man
  5. I got high before last thanksgiving and then I went to eat with my dads side of the family. Nobody knows I smoke and as far as I know nobody really approves of it so I keep it to myself but it was a bad experience to be honest. I intended on only catching a buzz because I wanted to avoid anxiety/nervousness but I took a couple hits too many And ended up with what I was trying to avoid. the whole dinner seemed so surreal and I felt like one of those days when you wake up depressed as fuck.

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  6. At my aunts house in Oklahoma, got lit up on new years eve like 2 years ago. I just stepped out front, said I needed something from the car. Smoked a quick bowl and went back inside. It ended up being a really fun night haha

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  7. I agree with you, its one of his most serious characters. Blame it on the bud. 
  8. Yeah I had that happen before when I just got so high that I couldn't fake being straight so it ruined the experience

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