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Being high is boring now

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MattmPsi, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. I experienced the same thing. Being high felt great but it wasn't fun or exiting anymore. I bought a half O and even that didn't help. Smoked it like I was on a mission, had to quit, but I just reached a point where it doesn't cut it. Experienced similar effects before but the only thing that fixed it was a tolerance break. Probably the only way.
  2. Worst advice ever? EVER? Wow man you must really hate me. Im just telling him a t-break didnt do anything for me, and it probably wont help him either. Anything past that is his own choice...
  3. Maybe get back into a hobby from before u smoked and smoke a smaller amount for a while
  4. Because your prob just sitting on your ass eating every time.

    Try going out....side!
    Smoke in a sketchy place
    get a new pipe
    take a t-brake
  5. A tbreak Is deff the way to go. But if you are that unwilling get a new piece..maybe something you've never smoked out of before, after you smoke go and do something you've never done while high before, try edibles.
  6. "weed is boring. i refuse to quit, even for a little.", ehrm... sounds like you're being an addict who needs to find better self-fulfillment in life bud. that's all i really have to say, drugs aren't the answer to happiness, not even marijuana.
  7. Boo this man.
  8. I know what you mean.

    Try making some potent edibles.
  9. People smoke weed and do the exact same thing every time, and expect it not to get boring. Weed doesn't make fun thing happen just by it self, go out and do something while high like do outdoors or something.

    try something new, meaning new activities while high.
  10. Try hash/wax/edibles/tinctures/better bud! Never go to the hard stuff. Once you go crack, you never go back!
  11. ^ Green Dragon. I personally never had it but ive heard from a reliable source that its the shit.
  12. Take a tolerance break. It's that simple.... you come here asking for magic to happen, excluding the only thing that will work in your introduction.
    One month of no smoking and when you smoke again it'll be great, if it's so boring taking a tolerance break won't be hard
  13. Edibles bro.

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