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Being high is boring now

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MattmPsi, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. When I first started getting high, I had a nice euphoric goodness, high as fuck feeling. Now I just get really really high, but not like that. And being high before made everything FUN. Now everything is just as boring, and being high is still being high, but its not satisfying anymore. Meaning, I feel like I want to smoke more because I'm not at a satisfying level yet.

    Does anyone else have these same problems? Any solutions, other than tolerance breaks? (I will not take one.)
  2. Smoke more weed. It's not like you're gonna stop unless you really don't enjoy it.

    If getting high is getting boring maybe it's not for you :smoking:

    People smoke daily for years mang
  3. you could always move on to harder drugs. or bho. thats all i got.
  4. Whats bho?
  5. i'm always amazed how people just don't use a search.
  6. Weed is boring I will make a post about weed boring me..
    Jeez dude thats boring as funk
  7. whiteice: Fuck off, I used the search and went through around 6 threads reading about how to make it before I found out what it was.

    And Jeff: yeah man it is. shyt.
  8. I don't understand.. Its boring yet you won't just take a tbreak? If it is getting boring the tbreal really shouldn't matter.
  9. ok great. you couldn't go search what bho is before asking?
  10. I definitely DONT think u should try harder drugs!\tU should either smoke more weed.. (But thats not gonna work if its cause of ur tolerance) or u should quit smoke if a lil bit,like a couple months.. N then when u start smokin again.. The first couple of highs u get will get u super stoned!.. Then hopefully that "fun" feeling comes back.. If it doesnt.. U should just quit smokin weed cause ur not enjoyin it anymore.
  11. break is easy if weed is boring. The breaks are boring because weed is fun for me.

    make edibles.
  12. If it's boring, time to take a t break.
  13. This is true. Weed got boring for me, so I decided to quit for a while. It's been a week and I haven't had to urge to get high. I still have my weed, I just leave it in the jar. I'm thinking about selling it.
  14. Lol i don't think "boring" is the right word.

    If it were really boring you, you'd be willing to stop.
  15. Weed will never bore me
  16. Do NOT take a t-break trust me its not worth it, I know people will hate me for this but I think you should experiment with other *things* it sounds like you are done with weed and its doing what you want
  17. NOT doing what you want...
  18. Just take a break and smoke some nice stuff when you come back ... Don't try other shit that's just stupid. Theirs always a way to get higher off bud. Try concentrates... Also if you are really serious do some research on repairing your cannabinoid receptors things like omega 3 help.
  19. [quote name='"Iluvatar"']pills..[/quote]

    Boo this man

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