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Being high is.. Becoming boring?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GNJ Aristocrat, Jul 21, 2010.

  1. No, the high itself is fucking great. But it's all becoming generic now because I smoke every night and don't really know what to do with myself. What are some fun/interesting things I can try out?
  2. Watch, tv, read, browse internet, eat and drink, sleep.


  3. reading is the number one best thing you can do. every book will be the best lol. but it might be hard to read or concentrate while your high , and depending on how high you are too.
  4. Try out a T break man :D
  5. Yeah, i feel ya on the boring part. Sometimes I feel like I'm smoking just to be smoking. I love it and i love toking alone. But I dont know. I'd like to smoke all day... but then it just gets old. I dont want to ruin my relationship with mj... but i love her way too much.

    Moderation is the key I suppose. :eek:
  6. Make some activities for yourself when you get high.
  7. 1) Turn on viking metal.
    2) Get completely naked.
    3) Masturbate furiously.
  8. Hahhahahhaha im so stoned I have to be careful not to slip on the stairs.




    Smoke weed.
  9. This.
    [ame=]YouTube - Living on Your Lonesome[/ame]
  10. read some scifi, short stories are the best. THEY WILL TRIP YOU OUT MAAAAAN:hippie:
  11. seriously no joke masterbate its a whole diff feeling high
  12. I jack off like everytime I'm baked. And I just came off a month long T break not too long ago. I like reading when I'm sober but not when I've smoked. I can't concentrate and then it kinda ruins the high for me by concentrating too much.
  13. First you turn on Cartoon Network. It doesn't matter what's on because you're gonna mute the tv next. So any cool cartoon will do. After you mute the tv, put on some AC/DC. Other music can be cool too. AC/DC goes well with cartoons like The Flinstones and The Jetsons. After you start sinking into the music, while delving into the silent activities of the cartoon, you'll start to see why it's so funny. Or, maybe it's just me. :smoking:
  14. Rawr your RooR.

  15. I feel like this sometimes.
    Just take a couple days off.
    Or do something completly different when your high.

    For me its working out. Its a totally different high.

    Then when you go back to just relaxing and watching south park its not so boring.
  16. Turn up the iPod and go for a walk, my favorite thing to do when Im high. Especially if you've got some parks or trails nearby. If not just walk around a mall or something. I know what your talking about getting "bored" with it, just do something you wouldn't usually do. Another thing I find amazing, but some people say that it kills their high is just getting in the shower.
  17. I feel ya on the boring thing. But what's always super fun for me when I'm high is turning up some really chilled out music. Try listening to some Neutral Milk Hotel or some Radiohead and just sit back and relax. And by the way, I'm gonna try that cartoon network idea. :D
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    Have a break for a few days and go back and change it up man. I've done that lately.
    I was smoking about 5 times a week, and mostly I was at home by myself as my housemate was back at his parents house for uni break which is 4 weeks long so was in the same routine, and most of the time by myself as all my other mates were working, or also gone back to their parents place on the break.

    I felt the same thing but realised I was doing the same thing everynight. Decided to have a weeks break then went back and did different things. Went for a walk and found some volcanic boulders to sit on and lit up with bush all around me, another night a just sat on a swing with a mate at about midnight, had a smoke during the day with brilliant sunshine in the backyard reading, writing and finding all different bugs to get high, had a night around a fire in the backyard with my housemate, another night with some brand new music...

    Don't get stuck into a routine if its boring. Change it up and love it!
  19. Also you could just get together with friends and smoke. I rarely find myself bored when I'm chillin with some friends. Mainly because of our conversations. :p

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