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Being High In School (Story thread)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Applemask, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. :love-mj2::love-mj2::love-mj2::love-mj2::love-mj2::smoking-banana::weed::metal::metal:one time my boyfriend brought some edibles to school. fun ass time i had to present in health and thought that the word vagina was so funny and could barely stop laughing, my best friend was in that class with me too and she just had this look on her face when I went like oh shit this ain't gonna end well. the teach was cool tho but everyone knows I smoke so it wasn't a surprise. I my next class my boyfriend was also stoned as fuck told me to get food and I took almost 15 mins out of class looking for my food and trying decide what bring. when I finally came back we were just chilling and eating and the teach comes over ands like is that food in you sweater and I'm just like it's Chapstick with my mouth full of food she just walked away nodding her head. I think she knew
  2. went to the restroom. when i walked in i could smell someone smoking. i hear the restroom stall open and a head pops out and says my name, says i scared him. he walks out the stall with a joint hes smoking. he holds up a roach with barely enough to pinch and hold on to and ask if i want a hit. didnt seem sanitary. i took a piss and left.
  3. Smoked legit 5 min before homeroom a street over from the school didn't use cologne or visine or anything went to homeroom it was chill cause everyone was tired BUT from the walk from homeroom to first period like 15 people sapped me up in a matter of 3 min and were like yo you are stoned! Didn't get caught though

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  4. smoked before every community college math class and sat next to police officer that worked night shifts
  5. So I'm in high school. Usually if I smoke on school property it's in my car prior to going into school, and I just leave my weed in my car. I have really nice eyedrops so no one can see right at first that I'm stoned, so that's nice. But I behave so damn weird. I got into 1st period one day and got in my seat, acted pretty normal. Except for that fact that I'm usually literally sleeping in first period, but being high I was pretty awake, so that was unusual. The teacher noticed I was sitting up straight and looked like I was paying attention, and he was like, "hey, Jason, you're awake today". But I wasn't actually listening to him, so I just kinda stared at him. After a couple seconds I realized some people were looking at me and smirking, so I said (very loudly) "WHAT?" Some people chuckled. He repeated himself, and I was like "oh yeah" and just laughed really stupidly. Everyone chuckled again, including the teacher. I think everyone could tell I was high, including the teacher, but he was pretty cool and he liked me, so he just laughed it off and went ahead with the lesson. I was kinda embarrassed but not too much, I still think it's kind of an amusing story
  6. I remember once I was getting chased by security and I made an epic move and blended in with the crowd and I felt like assassin creeds

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