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Being High In School (Story thread)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Applemask, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Senior year of high school I think I smoked every day... There may have been a few days here and there where I didn't, and I took a tolerance break one week, but the only time I didn't get high was when I didn't have weed. :p Never really had any interesting stories about school when I was high because I was always high at school.
  2. senior year in high schol when you have a bunch of filler classes like art, music ect if fine. dont do it in college unless you are taking philosophy, history, or debate class.
  3. [quote name='"Hot Rod"']This was during that one week of winter my south floridian city had.

    So One morning I had a joint of some sour diesel (if you know diesel you should know where this story is going).

    This particular joint was double rolled because the last few Js I had been rolling were double rolled and they were perfect but this one ended up not being so perfect.

    So I head out to my backyard and light up this j and it ends up not even hitting so me being the pothead I am instead of going to school (I walk since it's less then 15 min. away).

    So I roll up a new one and Houston we have lift off :smoke: I'm wearing my comfortable UM sweater and man was I high (wish I had a picture of the nugs).

    *So back to the story*

    After I finish the joint I put some cologne on so and start walking to school playing some tunes too so you know i'm chillin' So I get to school and get pass the front office simply telling them that I overslept lol and slip past security without them jumpin' on me since I had almost been caught by two of them last year (but that's another story).

    So I get into class and take a seat and since I and other students passed the standardized test we don't have to really do shit anymore because we were getting switched out in a few weeks anyway.

    So my teacher comes to the back of the class where me and these *****s are just talking about some bullshit haha and as soon as she comes to the back of the class she looks at me and says absolutely nothing and smiles for like 8 seconds straight. I look straight at my friend but could see her looking at me through my peripheral. Then she sits down still not saying anything.

    So I ask my friend like man do I reek or something and He's like hell yeah man and so does this other kid and these two hot girls in the corner kept looking in my direction (so in other words the whole back of the class can smell me).

    Lol and this song was playing in my mind the whole time Video Link:

    Then out of no where a security guard walks into class and asks for me I'm not really tripping cause I kind of figure it might happen. So he escorts me to a room and one of the security guards I mentioned earlier that almost got me last year is in the room. oh And while I'm walking out my bitch of a teacher gives me a smile.

    *this isn't exact btw*

    So He says
    "Hey i know you smoke weed but do you know you smell like it right now and your teacher said you were disturbing the class?"

    "oh sorry I didn't know I didn't wash this sweater so it must've been from before." - me

    "well you don't seem high (dde0f) empty your pockets so I can make sure you don't have any contraband on you" and I say no (but I did have a lighter on me but I somehow got away with not pulling it out of my pocket). But the other security guard tells me to take off my bookbag and goes through ALL my shit then the other guy gets up and searches me himself and finds the lighter and says

    "that's what I meant by any contraband"

    And my high ass goes "oh I didn't know that counted"

    Lol so he takes my lighter (my favorite lighter too) and tells me to get back to class and next time you smell we will be calling your parents to make a suggestion of sending you to rehab.

    When I walked back into class legit my teachers eyes widen with that "how the fuck?" face and I say "I still got love for you miss and give her a smile"

    And that's it....... Sorry for being so long about It btw.[/quote]

    Same shit happened to
    Me in md *****!
  4. last year i had a SMOKIN hot history teacher (this year she's pregnant and STILL bangin). anyways, i was baked and staring at her chest, and she eventually looked at me as she was looking through out the classroom. i didn't make eye contact with her for like 1 or 2 seconds, but when i did she looked at me for at least a couple to a few more seconds but looked totally unphased (keep in mind, when making eye contact with someone, it seems like a long time). to this day i'm still confused.
  5. i remember last 4/20, i smoked a fat fucking bowl of this immensely dank bud during lunch and came back to physics class. instead of taking notes, my teacher got sidetracked and started talking about random, hilarious shit, and talked (jokingly) about her suspicion of how many students were stoned. i just sat there with the biggest grin on my face that entire period. such a great day
  6. A friend of mine had slept over my house one night. Due to the fact that I lived closer to school, my mom agreed for us to sleep in the basement.

    The next morning, a very early morning, Zakk (the friend) had fashioned a bowl made entirely of aluminum foil. Rather good build, I'd say.

    After eating a quick breakfast and gathering miscellaneous items for the day, we say our good byes and head out the door. We stop a good couple blocks away, pack the bowl, and begin a session whilst walking in the middle of the street.

    We saw no cops, hardly a single car.

    And we were smoking weed casually in public streets. We didn't think we were badass, we just wanted to see what would happen if we were baked like a pie during school.

    We make it there and wait outside the entrance. It didn't take long for a large group of my pals to notice I was higher than a rocket in space.

    My girlfriend at the time barely looked at me, which was fine. Fuck that blonde bitch haha. I will have fun with my high without her.

    So I go through the day and had quizzes in two classes: drumming and math. I will make it known that I'm a horrible mathematician. I barely pass any of my tests.

    Here were my scores that day:

    Drumming- 95

    Math- 85

    I was very proud.

    And ate like a pig at lunch xD
  7. ^^ walk on the sidewalk or the side of the road otherwise you just look goofy and are annoying people.
  8. bein high in school sucks. just gotta sit through peoples shit the whole day. can't eat munchies, can't drink water and gotta do shit. doin shit sucks
  9. Got high in the bathroom during 7th grade with some friends during lunch. Our school had a late ass lunch, so we only had 2 classes afterwards. Went to English class and our teacher said we were going to have a leason about irony. Thwack. The lights went out and she put in I Love Lucy. We watched the episode where the men and women switched jobs for a day. After class we were given a surprise. Due to our school test average being better than last years, we had an hour and a half outside chilling. They were even selling drinks and chips. Shit just came together so nice.
  10. [quote name='"Forked Up"']^^ walk on the sidewalk or the side of the road otherwise you just look goofy and are annoying people.[/quote]

    No sidewalks in that city, man. Weird as fuck. Plus, no one was really out and about then.

    And we only walked in the middle of streets we knew weren't very busy at all.
  11. Smoked a few bowls when i woke up went to school then in first period im sitting down my girlfriend (Before we started dating) came and sat down in my lap to talk to her freind and i just randomly said "My shit must have been laced" She turns around and looks at me and says "....are you high" and so im just like wtf then she leans back to smell my shirt and said "yeah you're defiantly high " so then we start talking about weed and on friday after school we just toked up together and randomly started smoking at school long story short me going to school high got me the love of my life.

  12. Haha thats great. Reminds me of when i had to film a video for chemistry class. It was some skit about atoms. Anyway, i smoked half a joint and put it behind my ear and when we watched the film the joint was so visable. The scene was deleted before we showed it to the class lol
  13. First time eating an edible was at school...My "friends" told me it won't get me that high so I head on over to the locker room (we're in weights class) and down the brownie waiting for me in my locker. I return to the wait room & tell them I ate it.. They proceed to explode in laughter and tell me "you're about to get high as fuck bro!" fml.. I actually got really panicked & tried to gag myself but my heart was beating so fast from anxiety the brownie got into my system really quickly..Don't remember most of that day but looking back it was pretty great haha
  14. Actually about to have a couple hits now with a mate and head of to class completely baked for the first time, haha wish me luck...
  15. I ate a special brownie at lunch, it was my first time trying an edible, I only ate half of one right before eating some pizza, I got back to school and went to gym. Man I started feeling good, then after about 5 minutes we start going out to do our timed mile, and I had what I call "The Moment" which is the point where you realise you're high and sport a huge smile, holding your head high in the glory of The Moment. It was a body high. Every step i took felt funny and my leg muscles felt super dense and heavy, running was strange, and if someone cracked a joke I had the most childish giggle, people had no idea that I was high and were just like "wtf it wasn't even that funny". Later I go to English, which is my last class, and I am peaked, everything is pleasant. We watched a movie and every scene that was shot outside or in good lighting look purple. Like the light had a lavendar tinge to it, I thought it was fucking bizarre. Also if i moved my head side to side really fast I would see red, blue, and green bars on the screen. I kept laughing hysterically, like i would look at someone and when they looked back i would crack up and they were just wondering what the fuck was going on.
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    When I was in highschool, I decided I wanted to go to school high for the first time. I lived 5 minutes from school so I just walked home, ate lunch and smoked a jay. After I finished, I went into the washroom and washed my hands, brushed my teeth, then went to put deodorant on. I stood in my bathroom, staring at the mirror while lost in thought. The whole time I was rubbing the deodorant under my left arm. I must've swiped it 20-30 times. So I figured I should even it out and did it 10-15 times on the other pit.

    When I got to class, I walked right by the teacher whom was standing by the class door. He made this "What is that strong smell" face. I walked to the back of the room and sat with my friend and he commented on how bad I stunk right as I sat down. Later in the period my teacher called me up to his desk and asked me what was wrong. I just said "nothing." looking like I had no idea what he meant by that.

    I think he thought I got sprayed in the hall by some kid with axe or something since that's what had been happening in my school earlier that week.

    Remembered another one.

    I got high at lunch again and went to school. I was in my class, doing my work or w/e and then I'm called to the principles office. I have no idea why, but I know I'm not going to get busted for anything since I don't smell and can handle my high. It turns out it was my guidance counselor telling me he didn't want me to take the minimum amount of credits in my final year in case I failed one and had to come back next year. I'm not trying to brag, but I never failed a course and I never studied in high school. The worst I did was a 50 in a class because I knew I would pass if I didn't do the final assignment. So I didn't. So him trying to get me to take another course was really annoying to me. I just wanted another spare.

    Anyways, I'm sitting with my 50-something year-old guidance counselor and he's telling me which courses I can choose from. I remember him saying something about how people that are good at math are also good at music and I sat there thinking about how they were similar. I must've just stared at him for like 10 seconds before I realized wtf I was doing and asked him how they were similar. I just got into this conversation mode with this dude I didn't even know for legit like 15-20 minutes.

    Ended up taking an extra class.

  17. Honestly I don't even know if I can believe this; but I'm high as shit and man I imagined the whole story so vividly I had to like it.
  18. I remember another one I was in 8th grade and we went to universal studios My drumline buddies had made brownies we ate them as soon as we got to orlando like 2 brownies we got in the park got on some rides then i sat down and just felt it all hit me i was baked as fuck then we went on simulators and tripped the fuck out and fucked with other schools, then we got back on the bus ate 1 more brownie then ate mad munchie food on the way back Doritos, Dill pickle chips, Sprite, and one guy had wings it was awseome maybe the best edible high i have ever had.
  19. I've smoked numerous times during school however there was one significant time that made me laugh for 1 hour. So me and like 6 people went to go get high. After we came back to school and noticed how famished we were. Without a doubt in my mind we swiftly decided to take a lovely stroll to the nearest convinient store and buy some food. As we were heading back me and one of my friends got caught by a teacher. Consequently we were punished to detention. As we entered the room we noticed a small asian kid (I'm asian dw) who looked like a mushroom. We then laughed for the whole time we were in detention.
  20. twas in forestry class after lunch. so at lunch a few buddies and I toked from a waterfall bong, so my buddy and I stumbled back to class, we were so stoned practically greening out, i was so high i had to get up and walk to the bathroom to toss water on my face like holy fuck. I dunno why i didn't just skip lol.

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