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Being High In School (Story thread)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Applemask, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. So i went to this 5A strict ass school down n TX, and right before lunch, me and my friend would bring a tiny 2 bowls worth. and go to the back bathroom that was huge.. it worked because they scheaduled the lunchs by class so the math n science hall was empty...

    AND apperently thats about the same they bring drug dogs by the lockers, so we would make an apple or carrot pipe, and 1 lighter to ditch, and we would just hit all the way through, and blow it into the ceiling. and then wed use eyedrops/handsanitizer/mouthwash. and we did this fast.

    SO we were walking outof the bathroom and 15ft down the hall to the right was the K9 drug dog, with the 5-0, and principle, and we were the kids whole got in trouble alot, and we were just sitting there shiting brixs. and not 7ft fromm us (they were walk our way) the dog JUST starts barking at this locker, cause some dumbass had some shit in there lockers( they only test the cars n locker with the dogs, so you carry it 2x bagge on you, thats the unspocken rule)

    SO anyways we just walk off to lunch, said we were in the library, and MUNCHED out, and when to the chill table, all these deals were going down, you could trade anything for anything if you know the right crowd..

    anyways.. thats my crazy story, scary shit. happy toking everyone
  2. i didn't smoke until after high school, but one time my friend went out on lunch and smoked a blunt.

    He came back to school and one of his teachers said he reeked and sent him to the principal.

    I'm pretty sure my buddy was suspended for like a month. A huge reason is not only he smoked, but he left school grounds in the middle of the day.
  3. Ate my first edible junior year of school. Hit me last period of the day. Right in the middle of a math quiz. I looked at my hands and it looked fuckin crazy and I was just like "ok.... NOW I'm fuckin baked." I felt like everyone in the class was lookin at me. I turned in that quiz, and just couldn't wait for class to end so I could just go do some crazy stoned shenanigans. Which I did.

    Second time, I was in ceramics class. I threw a bowl on the wheel. It looked pretty sick, but damn it was crazy to make. I felt like a world famous potter. People were probably lookin at me geeking out over this bowl I just made. Fuck the haters. High ceramics is dope as fuck.
  4. Man highschool, the good old days. Every lunch break I'd get blazed and after school a few friends of mine would pick up an eight and chill till it was finished. Aint never was times with no dank back then. The goold ol' days.
  5. first post! sorry if it's a bit long.

    some necessary info: I attended high school in Colorado where the dank was beautiful, but unfortunately went to a boarding school with strict rules and teachers living on campus like students. My school had a zero tolerance policy for student possession of weed, alcohol, etc., and if you were caught you generally were expelled/withdrawn from school.

    It was late April of my senior year, and I was the R.A. in my dorm

    Well one night my roommate and I decide to have a couple bowls, soo we walk out into the land surrounding campus and do just that. Had some nice shishkaberry, if any of you are familiar with that strain...

    We got back to the dorms and had to walk by our houseparent, who is essentially the faculty member who lives in the dorm, helps out, watches over kids, etc., but she says nothing and doesnt act suspicious. We got back into the room, quite relieved, and played some super smash bros.

    About thirty minutes later, though, she knocks on my door and asks me to come out to the hallway and talk. I was the R.A. so I didn't think much of it, just thought she wanted to talk about dorm stuff, but she then took me into her apartment and locked the doors. I was beginning to freak out a bit, being high as shit, as you can imagine...

    She tells me that she knows I am stoned, which I deny, and that she is very disappointed in me, blah blah blah. This goes on for maybe ten minutes, and then the big surprise: she says, "I dont want you to have to deal with this before graduation, so I'm going to keep this to myself. Be good for a month and stay out of trouble."

    I remember barely being able to stand up I was so amazed. This woman put her job on the line by not reporting me, and I finished the year strong and ended up speaking at grad.

    It's a very vivid memory for me, and it seems crazy to think that I was so close to getting booted out a month before graduation....but anyway, just thought I'd share a story of mine!

    keep rippin everybody :smoke:
  6. i feel you man one of the things i hated the most going to school high was people telling me i was high, like you said no shit i was the one who smoked the weed
  7. #27 Potentcy, Mar 20, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 20, 2012
    Dude fuck that. I would have chirped her ass so hard. Fuckin bitch tryin to get me pinched. I would have told her to chill out and stop being paranoid. Next time you decide to send a kid out of the class because you don't like how they smell, make sure you're right because you look like an right now.

    Fucking hate teachers like this.

    I almost got suspended because I looked high once. Bitch ass teacher called the Vice Principal on me and I wasn't even high. I emptied out my pockets (I volunteered) and breathed in the guys face to prove I wasn't high.
  8. Americas fuckeddd. I don't know bout other schools in Canada, but I don't have any security guards or anything. PS: Majority of my school smokes weed.
  9. i bring my mflb into school and vape in the bathrooms during last period study hall when i'm just chillen, or when i'm really into wake-n-bake geometry :smoke: eyedrops.

  10. and the winner is...this guy ^^^ lol..classic
  11. Sweats almost everyday senior year, stoned no matter what

  12. You realize that you can tell you're a kid by the way you tell your story of "class." For example, when I go to class high, it goes like this:

    Walk in, sit down, insert headphones, open Word, copy slide, look at internet. Repeat.

    Next class. Repeat.

    Subway. Delicious delicious delicious Subway.... mmmmm...
  13. I'm assuming he meant high school.
  14. At lunch i went out with my buddies and we hit the bong, i had a couple bowls to myself :bongin: . Anyways i was walking to my locker to get my books for the next class and was trippin out! I felt really paranoid going to class baked, and when i got to the class... We had a sub :)
  15. >smoke before school on 3/14
    >go to math class
    >WTF is Pi Day?!? A day where people bring pie to math class??
    >eat pie
  16. Lol this was me almost everyday, free school lunch + munchies = hand down good times back in the day
  17. Three of my friends and I hotboxed a random persons car on school property ( the door was open). We smoked 2 regular bowls then 2 Jesus bowls (bud and keif mixed together). We left little bits of weed and still laugh about it today. And yes I know it was stupid lol.
  18. One time I smoked a blunt at lunch because at my school they had an area where you can eat outside and such, and the security guards stayed in the lunch room. So I smoke it with some bro's and head back to class. And when I get in there the teacher ask's me what's wrong and I say I don't know what your talking about, she took me out into the hallway and said my eyes are red and asked if I had been crying, I laughed in reply and said no and that I was just tired from the night before. I walked into the class smiling like a motherfucker and my friends were like oh are you sure that's it? Sure that's why your eyes are red? I don't think it is. Fuckin straight edge friends getting me all paranoid.
  19. I used to get high like everyday of my senior year in highschool, but in BC everyone is pretty chill about it.
    I mean, I skipped like almost every day of the last semester to get high and still graduated with decent marks.
    Pretty much everyone I ever talked to at that school smoked weed. It wasn't nicknamed "Weedlands" for no reason ;p
    I remember one sad day I had skipped a couple classes with my one best friend at the time and we were really high, just sitting outside this tunnel, soaking up the sun. I was pulling out my pipe to pack another bowl when it slipped from my hands and fell to the ground. It fucking broke into a million pieces and literally fell like only a couple inches from the ground haha. But, since it was a used pipe (another friend had given it to me after he purchased a new one), we discovered that it was really nasty inside. Like it looked like it was growing something. We then just took the bus home and smoked a couple joints with her roommates.

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