Being high in school stories?

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  1. Any funny/memorable things happen to you or others you know while youve come to class baked?

    Theres this one kid in my grade(senior in hs) and he is a complete and total stoner. He smokes every single day, and brings edibles to class almost on a daily basis as well. Well yesterday in ceramics class he has this cinnamon roll edible on the table. The teacher walks by and stops and sniffs the air, looks over at the kid and then sees the cinnamon roll. She picks it up, looks at him, and sniffs it and makes a weird grimace. Instead of throwing it away or calling campus security on him, she simply throws it back to him and shakes her head in disapproval. the next day he doesnt come to class and shes asking his friends "where is he?" and they are like "i dunno maybe home sick?" and the teacher is like "Oh wait, hes probably smoking a shit load of weed."

    its amazing that teacher really doesnt give a shit.. i wish i had her. i came to school high off of a brownie a few weeks back and i sit in the front row of most of my classes and one of them is an AP english class, the teacher expects us to pay attention and do our work the whole time and im just sitting there with horribly bloodshot eyes half awake half drifting off into unconscioueness as she gives me weird looks.. thank god i dipped out of class early before she said anything to me. She can go fuck herself. -__-
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  3. I smoked before a maths test when i was 15, pretty stupid idea but i passed anyway, i remember at exactly 12 o'clock everyone started coughing to piss off the teachers, i was laughing my ass off, and during a french exam i had this gobstopper the size of my fist, sat there trying to consume it then it slipped out my hand and you could hear a massive bang, then it rolled all the way down the hall down every step so loud lol i though "shit..." then everyone turned round and saw this gobstopper paste all round my mouth :/
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