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being high feels normal now

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by custum stuph, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. I have been smoking a lot this winter break, especially after I picked up an eigth of awesome blue cheese on new years eve. I have not been awake sober for more than an hour or 2 at a time, and finished that eigth on Friday. A gram usually lasts me at least a week. I think about weed a lot when I'm sober. I gotta go back to school Monday and its a new semester so gonna get zooted the first few days. But being high is my new normal, I can function pretty well baked though. I wanna b a good grades stoner, go against stereotypes!
  2. Goodluck man!

    smoke weed errryday.
  3. Yup. Or at least 'til all your THC receptors turn off because you're abusing them and you can't get high at all anymore and need to take a month long t-break just to feel anything.

    :D GG. Then again, this guy says a gram lasts him a whole week, so I doubt he needs to worry yet haha. I wish...
  4. Dude you will soon develop a tolerance and you wont get high. and if its your new normal sounds like your on the road to getting addicted because if thats your normal then whats sober?
  5. your tolerance is just high take a break from smoking for a few days or 2 weeks that's about the max on a T break and you'll get that nice stoned feeling you want. what i do now since my tolerance is fucking through the roof is ill smoke just 1 bowl night mon-thursday then friday and saturday i smoke my normal amount this keeps my tolerance low and saves my bud.
  6. Yeah, I worry of the day ill have to smoke 10 blunts a day to feel anything :p
  7. I still don't need a lot to get moderately high but I am running outa cash, my last job hasn't paid me yet. I don't get super baked unless I'm going to bed and I made a hard hitting steam roller pipe so I smoke half a bowl, about .2 and I have good weed. Blue cheese gets me high off 1 big rip of the pipe, that thing hits sooo hard cuz its got a flat bottom bowl with 5 large holes and a screen. Its hard on the lungs, makes every noob cough like a puss lol. 2 hits gets me good, most people don't know how to take huge rips but its so efficient! I am very high rite now so excuse my rambling. Ahhhh what should I type next!?!?!?
  8. naw, 10 blunts will make you feel somethin' for sure

  9. addicted? he says he kills a gram a week cmon now:p
  10. Stoner to Stoner "your only foolin yourself' What makes you think you'll be the change in the stereotypes. Alot of flunked out students thought the same thing. It is proven cannabis causes short term memory loss!! That is not going to serve you well during exams. Shithead:)
  11. I'm a lover of the green beauty. When I was in college, I smoked (alone) 2 decent size (not chubby) blunts 3 - 4 week nights a week, and shared many more on the weekends.
    Of course, it took a little bit to build a tolerance, but like anything worth its salt, you gotta put effort into it. I had to do a little extra to remember material, but if you want to combat the lazy, dumb gotta do what you gotta do.
    I graduated with a 3.7...not to shabby
    I am now a successful educator, and still a happy toker.
  12. I wrote my masters degree dissertation in law beeing baked all day every day, my roommate (studying at technical university) with same smokeing habits gets all the A and B's still smokeing all day so it is possible.

    Regarding marijuana there is something called reverse tolerance. You need to be 100% sober to get really stoned. Smokeing 10 j's in a row will get you high to some level, thats due to CBD levels that affect "hight" provided by THC. One day breake will do the trick.
  13. This happened to me not to long ago, when you become properly sober again it feels weird almost as if your high (in sobriety) just a feeling you wouldn't be familiar in.
  14. Just wait a little bit
  15. Man I go by the Cheetos theory... You can't eat Cheetos for weeks straight without getting sick of them and they lose their cheesy goodness. Just t break smoke smoke smoke, t break and repeat.
  16. Lolll,, I remember when I started to get much more involved into smoking.... An eighth would normally last me a month or so, now it only last me a week.
  17. hey man I got all A's on my exams while I was stoned :p
  18. After a while of smoking all day everyday it'll loose it's specialness. Just be sober for most of the day, sobriety will be some sort of high on it's own, you know another state of mind. Then just smoke at the end of the day or after you feel like you've had enough sobriety :smoke: haha
  19. This must only happen to all day long smokers, cause I smoke every day and I can still get stooonneedd off a .3 bowl of some fire when I do finally light up after a long day. First smoke of the day gets me every time.
  20. I smoked more weed last semester than I ever have in my life....That being said, it was also my best semester yet in terms of overall grades :hello:

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