Being drunk isn't fun

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  1. All my friends still like drinking but personally I just can't stand it anymore. Ever since trying some of the more intense OT type things, the feeling of being drunk almost seems like a joke to me now. All of the impairment and next day hangover with no visuals or euphoria? Seriously why would anyone do that on purpose?
  2. [quote name='"Mofu Shaman"'] Seriously why would anyone do that on purpose?[/quote]

    Because it's fun.
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  3. All things in moderation. A couple of glasses of a good wine has no comparison in the drug world, imo. I don't know why but it also seems like different types of wine, liquor or beer all have a diff kind of buzz, if you don't drink so much that you can't recognize it. Learn to appreciate the taste and effect without getting shit-faced...
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  4. I drink for the taste not for the pursuit of aimless intoxication.

  5. harsh...
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    Some people like to drink, some dont. I like to drink some good beers here and there but rarely get drunk on purpose anymore. Id rather smoke weed than get drunk any day.;)
  7. I like it more than weed
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    That made no sense
  9. That made perfect sense :laughing:
  10. Some people try weed and don't like it :eek:. People don't always enjoy the same things. I think you're in the minority if you don't like drinking, but whatever. The world needs more DD's.
  11. I know what you mean OP. Drinking was pretty much ruined for me as well after I started rolling/tripping on (unmentionable). It just doesn't compare at all. I don't even smoke weed much anymore for the same reason. I only smoke weed to enhance my experience on other drugs.

  12. Could you PM me what you said? cause I didn't see it and am curious now.
  13. i dont like alcohol . its not even a good buzz IMO. id rather be sober than drunk .but i still drink every once in a while.
  14. Dont worry about it
  15. Fuck that giver till yer liver quivers!

    [ame=]Snak the Ripper ft. Evil Ebenezer - Crush Brews - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Snak The Ripper - Liquor - YouTube[/ame]
  16. OP, I agree completely 100%. I hate getting drunk but all of my friends are still into that, so I've drifted apart from them.
  17. I enjoy all drugs and substances :)
  18. [quote name='"Killed ur blunt"']I enjoy all drugs and substances :)[/quote]

  19. I feel the same way, drinking is the only thing i dont do lol. Most of my friends that go out drinking on the reg have never expierenced the joys of other substances except weed so to them alcohol is still the shit.
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  20. There are few better social drugs. It's easily accessible, hangovers are so overplayed by everyone I swear. You only throw-up if your a complete tard and drink way too much, shouldn't happen to anyone over 18 with half a brain. It loosens up lady folk, and yourself for that matter. Makes clubs at least moderately enjoyable. Leads you to good stories. Enhance your shit talking skills. It's fun.

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