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Being drunk is A-Ok Pot = Narcotic

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IceCreamKidd, May 12, 2004.

  1. My fiance got back from a class where they basically teach you all the ins and outs of serving alchohol and the rules you must abide by. They state how after two drinks your driving abilities are impaired but the 'watiress / bartender' is still encouraged to serve drinks. They went over statistics and the thousands of DUI and DWI that happen each year as well as the people who are hurt and killed because of these drivers. The cases of alchohol posioning added to the tally of casualties of the drink. Yet it all comes down to how many drinks can I serve you and how big of a tip am I going to be left. I have no problem with alcohol I love my local brew and dont have a problem with any of these practices per-se. But why is pot bad, who does pot hurt where is the statistic on how many children are run over each year by stoned drivers. Or the statistic of people that fall into a coma after smoking just a little to much. Give us a break its just reefer.

    ~ drink wisely
  2. Puff, puff.....pass.....

    Makes you wonder who's messed up?
  3. man, i hate it when people say "why do u smoke weed, its bad 4 u" and they get drunk like every couple nights.
  4. I wish I could express myself better about how mad and upset this very situation makes me feel. I didnt want to avoid the post, ICK, I so appreciate people that do see it the same way I do, I just wish I could put the anger I have for the way things are into words. Its a serious personal issue that knots me up incredibly tight on the inside. I wish I could change the way I feel, but in order for that to change, for me to have peace with it, I would need to change the minds of people who can change things, and that I cant do. It doesnt make sense to me, and I fear that it never will be resolved in my lifetime. I find comfort in your words ICK.
  5. society's view of marijuana pisses me off so bad...i haven't smoked in over a month because my college basically told me i could be tested at any time over the next 6 months. if i fail a test again i get kicked off the football team and lose my scholarship >=( fuck that...they're just fucking me up more because now i drink and use DXM...which are worse for me than our good friend mary. fuck them. fuck society. i played football all through highschool smoking weed. the government is doing a good job of keeping everyone scared of a fucking plant that God made for me to enjoy.
  6. they arent going to go back on everything they have said, after all of these BULLSHIT statistics and infomercials, theres NO way they will legalize, they will look like fools.

    its clear to us and the government that alcohol and cigarettes are WAYY worse of a substance than marijuana, but they arent going to go from saying " marijuana kills" to "oh, its actually good, sorry, bye"

    fuck govt
  7. its actually very more harmfull to drink then it is to smoke marijuana. if u drink alcohol under the age of 21 it stops your growing proccesses and interferes with chemicals in ur breain studies have shown that u shouldnt even drink alcohol before age 26
  8. Seems like our country is about the only one to see what MJ is really about. So all move to amsterdam and live a high and happy life :)

  9. i hate it when theysay smoking is bad for you and then drink a 12pack evrysigle night.

    our bro in law was real sneaky with his beer consumption......he wouldnt put it in his normal trash, instead he would bring TONS and i mean TONS of beer bottles to the construction dumptster cause he didnt want his trash collection co. to know just how much he was drinking...this hadbeen going on for years .nother-in law jjust brought it upthe other day....she thought it was like noooo its your oldest son who doesnt want the trash collection people at his house to know. ours is the crap with the kitty littler, coke /pepsi and rolling papers hither an
  10. Hate to break it to you guys.... but the criminal status of marijuana has nothing to do with if it's BAD for you.

    Marijuana was criminalized because america is a Christian state, and in christianity drugs are wrong.

    Now, the american government is unwilling to legalize it, because they would lose millions of dollars if they did. The thousands of jobs based entirely upon catching marijuana users would be lost.
  11. the idea that the gov't would look like fools can be avoided if a new administration came in with the intention of changeing the laws and a shameful look at the old administrations. haha right. that will never happen.
  12. society looks down upon weed, but it had been getting better (i dont know bout yall, but it seems my entire town smokes)
    but i dont care, after im done with college n shit im movie to bc for sure

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