Being drunk in school...

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  1. Well i dont go to a normal high school because im too old and dropped out.

    Well i go to an adult ed school where shits real lax.

    So yesterday, I was super hungover first hour, Which is two hours long. I was fucking with people for talking because it was making my hangover worst.

    Then this mroning. Last night i drank 2 211 40's, Vodka, I dont even remeber how much. Was super trashed. Woke up this morning hungover as shit. Took a shower and still feeling shitty. Popped 3 tylenols, A vitamin, And drank orange juice thinking itd help because i was hung over and wasnt thinking.

    What'd the OJ do, make me drunk a fucking gain.

    So i was drunk as hell by the time i was at school at 8:15 this morn. I smoked a newport drunk as fuck. Then my homie showed up like 5 minutes later. Got in his ride with the two girls like usual.

    We chilled, Smoked a half a joint one of the girls had in the parking lot, While my homegurl heather came up to the ride and hit the jay in aht parking lot.

    Then homeboy gave me herb to break up and we took off. Ended up like a gram that i threw in his CCG glass sppon. We smoked it, Super pack. Got super stoned all of us did.

    I was super fucking drunk by this point. I was smoking a newport, Passin the bowl back, And in the other hand a port and rubber the whole hots of my cig on my homies coat and got ashes all over it lol.

    Then i was gettin routy talking major shit lol.

    Super drunk.

    Went to class high as hell and drunk as fuck.

    I dont even remeber what happened, But it was raw as hell...
  2. lol shulda just stayed home and slept in bro... thats just me tho
  3. Damn i hate wakin up early and havin a hangover. reminds me of when i went to a party at my boys house got mad drunk and i think i passed out. then had to get up early sunday morning to work overtime. Had orange juice and a waffle which i think mad it worse and whenever i stood up my stomach was gettin worse and worse. i tried to go to sleep during work but i couldnt so then went to get lunch. I drove my car for about a block or so then i puked like 5 times it sucked so bad.
  4. Man, thats savage...i didnt know OJ gets you more drunk.i dunno about your school but where i went the the hallways made me hella dizzy when i was drunk. they were straight, but wayyy long.congrats on not puking all over your desk.
  5. Why is this not shocking? It ain't cool to be drunk in school...tis a place of learning not puking

    I donno...maybe its just me but whats the point? Stay home and sleep it off or something
  6. ^Just a little help to make the day go by faster:wave:

  7. Isn't that like saying ones time on this planet is useless? Instead of digging in and working through shit you try to breeze through the uncomfortable stuff with drugs as the backbone to your days
  8. I went to class a little drunk once. It sort of happened by accident.

    After my first class, a few of friends and I went to get a coffee and then to someone's apartment, which was nearby, to kill some time before our next class. When we got to her place I found a bottle of whiskey I had bought that weekend for a little party and had left there. I emptied the contents into my coffee. Not that much was left but I guess it was a little more than I expected. What really didn't help was the coffee was hot so I didn't drink it for a while and then drank most of it really quick and then headed back to class so most of the whiskey hit me all at once. I turned to my buddy on the way into class and said, "Don't let me answer any questions. I don't want to slur my way through the answer. And I sure don't want to defend myself if I make a mistake."

    It was a fun class anyway. :)
  9. this reminds me of a funny ass time.friend has never been drunk before so he gets a 1/5 keep in mind this kid will do anything he takes a mountain dew bottle and does half and half he gets fucken wasted before school(walkin around the hallways before the bell rings)1st hour comes along and the teacher knows hes drunk gets called to the office and just pukes all over the prinicpals office lmaop greatest and funnitest time ever the kid did end up getting suspended for 10 days
  10. It was the day after Halloween and I had drank a forty of olde english and a 5th of peppermint schnapps. I had a saturday detention at 8am and I walked into my house at 7am. I took a piss and started walikg to school smoking a blunt. I stopped at the
    7-11 and boughgt a liter of hawian puncg which I promptly threw up after arriving at my detention. All over a trash can. Some on the supervising teachers purse and shoe. I was then asked to leave. I wonder why?
  11. never went to school drunk. i get real stupid when i'm drunk.. and dizzy as hell. wouldn't be able to walk straight and all that. besides, i'm not really into drinking. just not my thing, i guess.
  12. Yeah, I would never get drunk and go to school. I think its pointless. Although it would be fun to do it now, as i'm a senior and everything is more lenient.
  13. I've never gone to school drunk. But I've been to early morning saturday detention still drunk from the night before. That was an unpleasant time. Trying to read/listening to my Ipod while everything is spinning. But, I made it without hurling.
  14. I don't like to drink a lot, only enough to get a buzz going. I'm quite the idiot when I'm really drunk and although I've gone to school drunk it's not fun AT ALL. I was already on probation and I knew the second any teacher looked at me or talked to me they'd know because I just can't hide it...

    Weed on the other hand... is a lot easier to hide. But for some reason when I'm really stoned I slurr my speech like I'm drunk.

    I didn't know that about OJ in the morning bringing back your drunkeness.
  15. back in high school we used to bring gatorade bottles 32oz ones to school filled with Gatorade and ~10 shots of Vodka in them. The shit was strong but it was fun to drink while at school, everyone did it on the last day before summer each year and the day before winter break.
  16. hahahaha that's awesome man, awesome. You from the city or suburbs? I grew up in Evanston

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