being depressed sucks

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Jeffrey112, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. ok well lately ive just been kinda depressed about life and stuff....and well when i smoke weed it helps alot...but when i get depressed...sometimes i will have a full bowl of dank just sitting there and i havent smoked for 8 hours and i just dont even want to touch it....its that normal.....
  2. Yea man actually depression is pretty normal.

    One thing thats helped me a lot from studying religions is something the Buddha said about how life is not going to be completely happy, sadness and negativity is part of the balance that lets you appreciate when things are good.

    to focus on the things that make you happy and bring positivity into your life is all you can due to stem the tide of overwhelming feelings we as humans experience.

    and yeah just reading that your probably thinking, "well cool but i dont feel any better, that doesnt help me a single bit"

    and your right. . it doesnt.

    but if you think about it depression can be either situational or reactive

    so by finding the source of your depression, whether its something around you or the way you react/reacted to something is a good step in turning that frown upside down

    let me be the first one to say that depression is real, it sucks, and when in the throws of it you cant see through the fog to that rope ladder just a few inches above you that leads back out

    of course you wouldnt wanna touch that bowl of dank, and definitely it would be exponentially appreciated if you werent feeling so down right?

    we're here to help, i know i am at least. . .
    if you wanna talk or anything feel free to IM or PM me or whatever you want

  3. Yaw.

    I find most depression stems from comparison. That guys in a meaningful relationship and I'm not, that guy has a porsche and I don't, that guy gets a free ride through college while I'm busting my ass trying to pay off loans etc. Live your own life and appreciate what you have is my advice.

  4. Great post. Same for me, it's hard for me to see others succeed in ways I'm not. I hate the feeling of inferiority. Just work towards what you want, because if others can achieve it, you probably can to. And talk to people when you want to. It compounds pain to keep it inside (I know it sounds cliche and I use to not believe it, but it does help a lot)
  5. you gotta make a CHANGE
    think about what your unsatisfied/sad about in your life, think about what you could do to fix that problem, and take ACTION
  6. Been there dude. a couple of times, it sucks a lot. The best advice I can give you is just to stay on top of your emotions and shit, don't let yourself get sucked in further cuz that shit can pull you down a long ways. If you think you need help, a councilor, therapist, whatever, get it, it works. I'm not saying you need to, depression varies but i'm sayin if it's bad, like you need it, it works. Also I believe that weed can help but sometimes it gets to a point that it's only making things worse, stay on top of your smoking. I've been to the point where you smoke at every possible little oppertunity, I'd spend all day high, all day every day. I'd just make sure i was down when i had to see the family but i'd spark a fresh one on my way out the driveway. You don't want to go there, don't let weed be your only escape, when it gets to that point it only keeps the depression from getting any better. Weed has helped me cope with depression before and it's made things worse for me before, it's fine line and if you can find the right balance mary jane can be a wonderful help. My last advice is to just stay active, spending time outside was always the biggest help for me. Get out and do shit as much as possible. It can be really hard but in the long run it helps a lot. Like oneloverasta said, take action against whatever is bringing you down. ...and yeah, i've done the full bowl thing, i know the feeling.
    Once again i'd like to say i'm not at all trying to put down weed or anything, this has just been my experience with weed and depression i love mary jane but even the ones we love can hurt us. And like Cali Ounces said feel free to IM or PM me, depression sucks, we're here to help. Peace man

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