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Being baked in public

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mOsh, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. What are your guys thoughts on this? I found it really fun the first few times 'cause i blatantly remember thinking "fuck yeah, I'm experiencing a daily activity at a much higher level than everyone around me" and buying fast food was amazing :v
  2. Well it's to hard for me because I have the "I'm stoned off my ass grin" on haha.
  3. ^ what he said but I just decide that it is no big deal and I go to the gym and try playing racketball hardest sport I have ever played while high btw
  4. I really don't like being stoned in public at all. If I'm only a little buzzed it's okay, but not really high. Mostly because I feel like almost everyone can tell when someone is high and I don't like people looking at me like I'm a druggie or something.
  5. I went to my pool one day stoned, it was great, the food was even better.

    I went to my pool one day while I was tripping acid. This is a large ritzy white people country club pool and the day in particular was the 4th of July so you can imagine how many people were there. Let's just say that the "fuck yeah, I'm experiencing a daily activity at a much higher level than everyone around me" was not as much fun as it is when you're high. I was SO overwhelmed with the fact that I was completely tripping balls and that there wasn't a SINGLE person on my level.
  6. Being baked in public can be really fun, especially when you dont care what people think,

    But its sketchy sometimes if youve got lots of weed on you.
  7. ya as long as i'm chill. if i've just smoked multiple bowls, i'm staying in for a while.
  8. Being baked in public is the only way to be in public... am I right? But really, I'm normally high at school, work, when I'm out with friends, or wherever I am.
  9. Being stoned in public just comes with the territory of being a stoner :/
  10. Out of all my friends I'm the only one that LOVES being blazed in public. The whole thrill factor of being around people makes it feel like a big inside joke. Especially when I'm laughing my ass off and people are staring. It's a good feeling.
  11. I usually get baked and chill at home, but today I hit a bowl while my mom was asleep and then ran errands with her. Super chill day.
  12. haha love it.. whenever i have to go outside and run an errand i love to just take a few hits, or just take a few hits while im in the car GETTING to the errand :smoke: :D
  13. I maintain everyday. No big deal.
  14. I call it 'training'.
  15. I love it, it's some fun shit.
  16. I like public stonings.
  17. I find it weird not to be high in public...
    but thats just me
  18. the funniest thing for me is when you've never met someone before, but when both of you look at each other, you can realize both of you are stoned and just laugh
  19. I guess I have to add that smoking in public is even better.

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