being aware that your falling asleep?

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  1. sup guys, so you know those nights when your uncomfortable in bed and simply cant fall asleep?

    well i was just having one of those so i put on some relaxing ocean sounds (lol) and tried my hardest to fall asleep and after awhile my eyes started to feel heavy and i assumed i was about to sleep but then i got stuck in a state of being half awake and half asleep and it was really trippy haha.

    my body felt all tingly and i kept thinking crazy thoughts and i also got a huge boner for some reason haha. it kinda reminded me of being high :smoke:anyone else ever feel this?
  2. Happens to me. It's a very heavy and relaxing feeling. Crazy thoughts come but they're always so awesome and never seem weird. Sometimes I even forget I'm laying in my bed and I think I'm somewhere else.

    I last in this stage for.. I don't know how long. It feels like a decent bit of time sometimes but there's really no way of telling for me.

    Sometimes I can think "I'm just half asleep" and it's fine. Sometimes I think other and it kills it, and wakes me up more, which sucks. It's a great feeling.

    No sleep paralysis though. If I try to move I always can... bit it kills the feeling almost every time so I avoid it.

    I have sleep problems, so when it happens sometime I'm just like "fuck yeah, I'm about to fall asleep finally", which further adds to the relaxed state a bit Sometimes.
  3. Supposedly if u lay without totally without motion for 30 minutes, ur body does a check to see if ur asleep by making u want to move a body part. If u don't, it considers u asleep and ur body like shuts down until u start moving again...that is to say it starts to feel like u have a heavy blanket over u/u don't feel ur body
  4. I like when my eyelids fall down .... N then I'm actually trying to stay awake rather than be awake ......

    But when this happens I am able to turn off the tv before sleeping if not I let the tv run with a 10-20 min timer ....... It's usually turns off before I'm a sleep so I have to keep putting on a couple times
  5. haha well it seems ive just pulled an all nighter on myself, damn those chirping birds :devious:
  6. Sometimes when I'm lying in my bed trying to fall asleep, I feel this heavy buzz coming on almost as if I am stoned.. I really love this feeling, it feels so relaxing and calming. Anyone else experience this? I wonder what causes this. Something about "Sleep Paralysis"
  7. [quote name='"Mogwai"']sometimes I even forget I'm laying in my bed and I think I'm somewhere else.[/quote]

    I love when that happens to me haha. and then I wake all the way up And am like: ...I was just sitting over there ?
  8. holy fuck man. im definitely saving this thread to my hard drive so I can read it to my children. And my grandchildren!!!!

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