being around parents high

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  1. Anyone find it weird to be around their parents when they are blazed or on psychedelic drugs?

  2. i usually try to avoid my parents at all times when im on drugs.
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  3. shit man, that picture is trippin me out.
    yea i dont really like bein high around my parents, but when i am, as long as im just a little high i do get along with them better.
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    its better when you and one of your parents are both on said drug :p:hippie:
  5. Nah not really; I tend to avoid that situation

    props on the AC album art though
  6. When I used to live at home my mom could always tell when I was high, she didn't care but it was so awkward. I just avoided my parents when high usually.

  7. if ether of my parents ever smoked marijuana, The world would literally explode and life as we know would be over.
  8. It's weird... but I got used to being like that around everyone.

    Hell, my hardcore republican friends don't even notice... only my fellow smokers. :p
  9. lets see some of the worst times ive been high around my parents
    first time tripping on shrooms asked for a ride home and had to sit next to my mom for the whole ride but she never noticed a thing
    ive been drunk numerous occasions and she hasnt noticed except for the time i puked then she knew
    i smoke nearly everyday so as long i keep the smell off she would never ever notice i walk right by her
  10. hah i am smoother than I'd expect high talking to my folks. I guess after being high at work and talking to customers, parents are no biggie
  11. Haha ya it's fun as hell.Get alot of laughs out of it.
  12. im able to pull off anything besides shrooms in front of the parents
  13. ahah yeah screw shroomy conversations dude, I remember having to talk to my neighbor and it was straight painful. I'm sure I pulled it off, but man I had so much worry in my mind that I was weirding them out since I never normally talked to them anyways...
  14. lmao, oh how I still remember the first and presently last time I was around my parents stoned. I'm in college, started smoking a year or so back, and haven't lived at home in years. Fortunately of all the times I've smoked only once thus far have my parents called me and immediately I thought "oh crap, there's no way I can do a phone call with them".

    Don't really remember much... made a bit small talk and hoped for the best. Doubt they realized it but hey I'm an adult, so what if they did?
    Still quite a weird feeling though. Find it easier being slightly baked at work around my boss than just on the phone with my 'rents. :p
  15. I love being around my parents high, makes me like them more.
  16. a phone call lol? thats not a big deal at all bro...I could do that in my sleep haha
    I couldnt imagine what would happen if you actually had to see them face to face...
  17. Heh, in all honesty I could probably pull it off by now. More than likely I'd just be freaking out in my mind while cool as a cucumber on the outside. Definitely not something I'd want to find out for certain. Oi ve, knowing them they'd call the cops on me in a heartbeat. "Tough love". :rolleyes:
  18. Man, I used to smoke right before before hangin' out with my parents on purpose because it would make the experience an enjoyable one.
  19. well, my dad smokes...we smoke together whenever he feels like sharing.
    i never share with him though.

    whenever i'm high, he seems to always want to ask me the most idiotic questions.
    so because i'm stoned i tell him something like, stop talking to me cause i don't want to hear that shit right now.

    we have a love/hate relationship.

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