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Being an introvert living in an extroverts world...

Discussion in 'General' started by Anaru, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. fucking sucks sometimes. I had a friend tell me today that I need to talk more. FUCK THESE PEOPLE. Extroverts truly just don't understand how introverted people work, it is so abstract to them. It is like they have no respect for them. It is very unfortunate that introverts are in the minority, while all of the fast-to-judge extroverts are the majority. Why is it that the minority are always knocked down by the majority?
  2. think of it as an advantage to yourself, that's how i feel- but i know what you mean.

    honestly i enjoy good conversation, but im not into all the small talk/pointless chatter sht

    Extroverts that can't stop talking can be too much for me , especially if i am on drugs- unless they are intelligent or chill extraverts. they cant all be bad :confused:
  3. I agree 100%. It's like if I have something meaningful to contribute to a fucking conversation then I will. It's not like I have to or want to talk 24/7 about meaningless shit I don't care about. And a lot of people don't understand that I sometimes enjoy smoking alone or going to the movies alone or running alone etc.
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    why is it i can't get my dick sucked on the corner for a dime anymore?

    fuckin' world got me down

    but on a serious note i feel ya.. chatters not my thing, but we all must endure and engage others in order to progress as social beings
  5. In the Briggs-Jung personality thread a couple days ago I ran across a very accurate sentence about us INTJs. It was something like "To the IxTx people, conversation is purely a way to clarify points or seek knowledge, and thus they are annoyed by what they perceive as "pointless" small talk".
    I get super annoyed by people who talk just to talk. When I smoke with my friends there can sometimes be like 5 minute long periods of silence because we're all thinking, and we all know we're all thinking, then someone finally speaks when they have something they think others will like, not just to fill dead air.
    Since dealing with Extroverts can be a tiring but necessary process I generally make sure I have alone time every day, and even a whole "Alone Day" when possible.
  6. Just curious, do any of you have extrovert friends? I find this very hard to do, they all seem to think I'm boring and talk about too much "complicating" things. Is there a way to gain their interest and make them like me?

  7. completely agree! i think the mainstream of people are conditioned by society , how to enjoy things and live their life.............. :smoking:

  8. i have a few extroverted friends. the key is to not take yourself too seriously and try to have some fun.......... it helps to have something in common though like skateboarding for example or weed.

    i limit my time with extroverted people , but i think it can be beneficial to hang out with people different from you

  9. Find common ground. For me it's MMA and CoD.
    You've got to find something that other people like for their own reasons, and you can like for other reasons.
    My friend uses football. Other people just think "I like College Football. Yay football!", while he is thinking "I am really excited about the innovations with the Wildcat offense. The Jet sweep is a fascinating abuse of the rules". They can sit and watch a game together while finding just enough to talk about in their shared interest to get along.
    This weekend I will be at a bar watching UFC 104 telling my friend "Rua has no chance against the brilliant counter-striking of Machida!" and he will say "Yeah, but Shogun is a baddass" then we will drink together and watch.
    What are some of your interests that are popular?
  10. yes, i agree with all these post so far...

    i hate all the fake ass small talk, pointless IMO

    what about getting asked 100 times a day
    "what wrong with you?"

    should answer with...
    "do you really care, or are you just asking to be nice"
    aka is this small talk, or does something really look wrong

    "oh, i'm fine, please stop asking me that all the time"

    its not bad every now and again, but i talking about your just quite / chillin / listening to music etc.
    and people keep on bugging u, asking u over and over

    ever feel like your misunderstood?
    here is a famous article that may help you out, well kinda

    Caring for Your Introvert - The Atlantic (March 2003)
    show some1 that would actually read it and not throw it away

    kinda helps get the point across, maybe not fully, but w/e
  11. I learned to stop caring what my extroverted friends think of my off-and-on isolation, it's something us introverts have been doing since we were children and most of us won't change.

    All of the greatest poets, musicians or philosophers needed their alone time, and looked down on those who believed life was consuming as much alcohol as possible in a short amount of time with a hundred strangers.

    You just gotta adapt, and you gotta figure that one out by yourself.

    The internet is also pretty good for us as well though you've got to be careful not get sucked in and become some autistic figure glued to the monitor all day and night.
  12. yeah fuck that chit chat bullshit. if it has no meaning or its not funny whats the point?

  13. i basically only have extrovert friends, haha.
    i think it's because they know they won't have to compete with me to talk, so they can just enjoy hearing themselves talk as i just sit there and listen.

    oh well, works for me... :confused_2:

    but yeah, it sucks... i feel like i just don't know how to make conversation.
    i mean, i just don't feel it necessary to talk unless i have something important to say... and small-talk and shit is just all so... useless to me.
    and whenever i try to just... talk... it feels like everything i'm saying is completely stupid/annoying.

    buuut... i'm working on it. :rolleyes:
    i know i'll always be an introvert, though... just want to be a little less awkward. ;)
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    I'm the same way. Almost all of my friends are extroverts but it all fits together great because they start conversations and I jump in whenever I have something to say. I can't stand small talk, it works for some people but it just seems so pointless. Some people seem to think you should always have something to say.
  15. I hear you on extraverted friends, defntly a good deal.............

    I can be really awkward if i smoke weed and go into the wrong social setting, like college. once when i was blazed on that jwh shit, my professor started talking about marijuana and i told him about sativa's, but it was kind of an awkward experience cause i am already introverted and i started questioning how to react to him and it felt like everything he was saying was about me........ i'm pretty sure i am the only budda smoker in that class

    It would really help if i had an unlimited supply of benzos or something:smoking:
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    Yeah... it's strange how it works like this. An extroverted friend will always engage you in conversation; an introverted one will be introverted with you.

    My introverted friend and I will smoke, and not speak for ten minutes at a time. The silence is like a mutual acceptance of quietude. The only downside is I get too far into my own head sometimes--like a worm snaking around inside a fried apple.

    I still prefer extroverted friends, if only for their ability to rub off some sociability on you.
  17. I am sorry but it sounds like some of you need to work on your social skills. Dont get me wrong, I actually need alone time, but if your in a social setting, your supposed to be social. Who wants to hang out with someone who contributes nothing to the environment. However, maybe it is easy for me to say because I am one of the least shy people around.

    Also, if your extroverted friends talk about stupid shit, why hang out with them??
  18. I'm an introvert and some are social people. Just not as social as others. Were much stronger and independent and some rely on ourselves than others. Also we generally want to be social about other things than hitting up the movies saturday night or how many shots they took last night at the badass party or whatever. Some have hobbies that don't need groups or that their peers don't ever really partake in. Ima be a dick but were above the general human population in terms of intelligence. One thing that pisses me off is that people only like you because of "What You Do". Hardly anyone really likes you for "Who You Are" besides maybe one of your bestfriends.
  19. Get the fuck out of my head dude. Seriously, that is what I was thinking about for like 3 hours at work tonight.

    Im an introvert all the way and have just been thinking about this kind of stuff pretty much all day after I took that personality type survey.

    Honestly I give zero fucks about what other people's oppinions of me might be, I just do me and if other people can't accept me, fuck them, why should I cater to them??

    I'd say mostly all my friends are introverts, but extraverts are fun to be around because there is always something happening. Because they intiate things, I kind of end up just going with the flow.

    Madd high rant about being a introvert, lol. yea it kind of sucks socially, but whatever mannnn:smoking:
  20. Yeah man.

    I'm introverted, and I don't mind. S'okay. Tell him he needs to shut up more.

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