Being able to see through the governments lies...?

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  1.      Since starting to smoke weed, has anyone started to get suspicious of nearly every aspect of society..? Not in a psychotic sense, but just seeing how ridiculous, indoctrinating, and wrong society is.  From school, work, government, business, and everything else I am now seeing little connections between then that only serve to keep people ignorant and stupid.
         Since smoking weed I have gone from a Democrat who was all for gun control and government programs to a staunch Libertarian who advocates limited government wherever possible.  The president and Congress do NOT work in our best interests... its all just a joke.
         They defund education SO MUCH to the point where kids never achieve their full potential, then say that government intervention will help... they subsidize genetically modified food companies like Monsanto to feed us bullshit even though most Americans want labeling and all out banishment.  the people want it, but the government that's "For the People" turns a blind eye and tries to distract us with entertainment, movies, music, and sports. 
         The government WONT LEGALIZE even though the people want it..?! Seriously, WE WANT IT but the government prevents us from having it because it doesn't serve their best interests...
         I'm kinda beginning to worry that I'm becoming some sort of conspiracy theorist or something.  when I talk about this people call me crazy and just laugh it off.  I laugh too, but in my head I am ashamed of how ignorant they are...
    is ANYBODY else seeing what I am seeing too..? I kinda want to know I'm not alone because I feel that way. :confused:  :bongin:  :bongin: :bongin:  

  2. you shouldn't be libertarian based only on social issues bro (im sure you have more reasons than you listed but they are all social issues). because they believe in some ways the same social issues as liberals, but the economic stuff is bullshit, like peter schiff saying retards should make $2 an hour, do you really want to be in a party where that guy is your representative? or ron paul saying if you are in a coma and cant pay for health care they should pull the plug. libertarianism will NEVER get more than a small minority of the population.
    FYI rand paul is has big money supporters for sure... ron paul was at least consistent but good luck finding a real libertarian politician in washington who isnt back by big money. there are some liberals who agree with everything you said about social issues who are actually working for you, bernie sanders for instance...
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    You're right it is all a joke.
    You didnt explain anything about economics at all, just attacked people.
  5. There is a whole plethora of reasons why I most identify with Libertarianism...  Im not going to mention all of them because I would go on a rant, but long story short I am Socially "liberal" and fiscally "conservative".  Gays should marry, gun rights for all, LEGALIZE MARIJUANA, cut off welfare frauds, maximum education funding, too much military funding, stop being imperialistic and concentrate on home, go the way of Portugal and decriminalize drugs, maximum help cultivation, reduction of environmental impact, corporate and special interest influence in DC should end, fuck Israel with all my heart and soul, GMO labelling, religious freedom guaranteed *including school", I'm an atheist, Iran is not a threat so stop trying to go to war with them, Obamacare is a joke.... the list goes on and on!!.... what does that sound like to you...? yeah, I cant figure it out either...
  6. @Op a lot of us in the politics section see wut you see. Libertarian is a good spot to start but I would say stay away from political parties & generalized lables. Never vote by party & always research who is funding it all. Read up on History or you are doomed to repeat it. Learn about the main 2 schools of economics( a lot boils down to econ).

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    Pretty lights, I think this website will give you a lot of information you may be looking for, it has certainly shown me a lot:

    (it used to be a members-only site, but is now free access)
    Here are a couple of videos from this same person's youtube channel that seem relevant to your OP. I think more and more of society is seeing through the same illusions that are forced upon them. Divide and conquer will only work for so long...

    Show me where schiff says "retards should make $2 an hour"
  9. I feel you OP..
    People who want power, will try all they can to get power, and those that are in power, will do all they can to keep it.
    I used to worry myself with this topic, but now understand that the best way to make a difference is to get involved with grassroots campaigns and vote. People say you're throwing away your vote, by voting for other parties. That's horse shit, voting isn't a popularity contest, it's a contest to see who is most fit to lead our society..
    Next year i'm voting for Jesse Ventura, just to prove a point. Abolish political parties, make them political action committees and get the CASH, OUT of politics!! Ventura 2016 baby, no party affiliation! 
  11. No, voting simply reinforces the idea that these psychopaths and parasites have any right to regulate and control your life and that you willingly bow to their authority and grovel for their mercy to allow you to be slightly more free than a physically chained slave.
  12. You guys should really check out the thread I just posted on Brainwashing and MK Ultra.
  13. obama is not the actual president, he is the public image.  the president is still white, behind closed doors. obama is a puppet
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    Democracy has one fault. The people voting are not educated enough to correctly vote, which is why the political scene in the UK is terrible. Two horse race with the majority of voters only choosing the one which they believe will support their social/economic group more than the other, rather than the political party which will be better for the country/world.
    To be honest, I think democracy is just a facade created by superficial governments. People such as Obama and Cameron are simply pointless figures to parade to the public, other people who the majority of the world have never heard of rank higher in the hierarchy of the US/UK.
    Being a libertarian philosophically and being a member of the libertarian party are two different things.  The libertarian party, like all parties, is a joke.  And secondly, libertarians don't all subscribe to the same economic philosophies.  The Ron Paul pubic swingers would like you to think that, but it isn't so.  Libertarians are all over the place economically, they just all agree that government shouldn't be involved.
  16. If you have netflix check out the documentary "Dark Legacy".

    About 3 mins in.
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    lol, context sure is important, innit?
    "Paint me a picture of a person whose work would be worth $2.00 an hour."   Shes asking the question and Peter is giving a reasonable answer.
    Peter: "You know somebody who might be? Someone who is, uh, whats the politically correct word? Mentally retarded."
    Unless you believe its okay to coerce a private company to give up some arbitrary amount to someone who is mentally handicapped, I see no problem.
    It was quite misleading of you to use the word "should". Tsk tsk tsk
    By the way, it totally sounds like they edited that interview, much like many interviewers do. Similar to what they did on the daily show.
    First off, I wasn't in this discussion.  You responded to that other blades asking for it to be shown where he said it.  I showed you.
    The question isn't misleading or out of context.  He was asked who should make $2 and he said mentally retarded people. 
    And what editing are you talking about, you can watch the clip of him saying it on the daily show.  He hasn't denied saying it either. 
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    Then ignore it. My response is for whoever brought it up. :)
    No one ever said the word "should" by the way. That implies that a mentally handicapped person shouldn't make more or less. The interviewer was the one that strictly used $2.00.
    She wanted him to give an example of someone who might be worth 2 bucks an hour and he gave a reasonable answer. No where did he say "retards should only make $2 an hour". Idiotic misleading description.
    It sounds edited, SIMILAR to his recent interview on the daily show. Which was actually edited the shit out of.
    But still, I see no problem with his answer. The only person who would have a problem with it would be someone who believes a private company should be forced to spend an arbitrary amount of dollars to an employee. Which is wrong, imo. Bad consequences.

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