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Being able to control something...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bwitsne, May 10, 2010.

  1. Ok, it seems when I smoke, and I am baked, if I take a hit and I feel like i'm about to cough, i feel like I can just tell my sell not to cough, and instantly I feel relieved of that feeling, like it goes away. No longer feeling like I need to cough. I often find my self holding in hits far longer then anyone.

  2. Sometimes mind over matter works. Also sometimes when you think about coughing or like wheezing when you're high, you'll start coughing or wheezing.
  3. Mind over matter, always.

    Your mind>body.. or actually, better put, Mind>anything
  4. How long do you hold it in for? It is not beneficial to hold it in for that long. All of the THC is absorbed within a few seconds. Do more damage then good (just my opinion)
  5. There are monks in the world that can train their bodies extremely well. One particular ritual is having to dry a water-soaked robe using only your body heat in a blizzard on a mountain top. Those same monks are also able to make certain parts of their hands 5 degrees colder/warmer than other areas.

    More recently western science has begun to study these bizarre effects and it's stunning at what using your mind can result in.
  6. I'm interested to hear any semblence of a source about said monks
  7. I'm a cig smoker. Sometimes if I take a drag of a cigaret, I remind myself how nasty it really is and my body starts acting as if I was about to throw up.
  8. I bet you if people practiced what the monks do for several several several years, we could possibly find some telekinetic powers and what not..
  9. It really wouldn't surprise me at all if those monks could.
  10. I know, right? What if they have a power that tells them something that we are destined to know in a few years? What if they hold a secret?!

  11. Idk why but this just reminded me of the fact that anytime I have sex i force myself to think about something else completely irrelevant to keep myself going.
    Usually I think about how the fuck do i beat a hunter on my mage in WoW :mad::mad::mad:
    other times it's something like "shit i got an essay due tomorrow"
    Mind over matter ftw.
  12. I tend to do the same with cigs, and I am not really a cig smoker. I just smoke em every now and then.
  13. This is so true, I normally smoke with my rents in the house so I take a few hits from time to time. I generally pack the hit quite large as to have not waste more time than needed. Well because of this I have realised that its alot easier to bear with the pain than to fight it. I basically remind myself that I can let go of tension that I have once I know its too big of a hit and I surprise myself by taking it all at once (Obv. someone's gonna say "Thats what she said" right here). I also do this when Im on a coughing rampage due to a too big hit. I dont know if others have this but if you took a too large hit and it made you cough, you just HAVE to cough for the next few mins, regardless if you stopped smoking at that point or not. It kinda feels like a bug sting where it really aches and you just have to scratch it. I realized that letting go of that cough, as unsatisfactory as it was, was the best. If I stopped myself from coughing and letting the feeling continue, it would stop after a few seconds.

    This reminds me of a story, it was the first time this girl toked and she eventually went on one of those cough rampage where she couldn't stop coughing. Eventually, she got really pissed about the coughing and the more she did it, the more it felt bad. She thought she was about to throw up and I told her to stop coughing and to resist it. I told her she wouldn't vomit and its unlikely that weed would make you throw up (albeit it made me do that before, I didnt want her to know, mental thing I guess). After 5 mins she felt good again and she thanked me. You guys should have seen her face when I told her she COULD have thrown up later that evening, but she still was thankful for my lie haha.

    Good times.
    I never post alot, but when I post I tend to have a quite a bit of text, sorry about that :smoke:.
  14. Heh, I do the same thing OP. Whenever I take a harsh hit and feel like I'm about to cough I say "Stop being such a bitch throat, it's just weed" in my head. Works almost every time. :) :smoking:

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