Being a troll makes life funner.

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Seriously, how many times have you trolled someone in real life, or acted like a smart ass and felt good?

    As long as you joke around and let the victim know it, it makes the situation better then it is.

    Yeah, that's how rape usually goes : D

    See, I just trolled myself.

  2. all i do is troll people. all day everyday. my entire life is a giant troll, i exist on this earth for the sole purpose of fucking up other peoples programs.

    i been trolling the system since before trolling was called trolling.

    if you ever been to seattle and seen the giant fremont troll you have seen me.

  3. You look like a giant hippy lesbian then : D

  4. Just keep trollin' trollin' trollin' HUH.
  5. My WoW characters name was Trollman. Word.
  6. all lesbians are hippies. and they are all giants. ALL OF THEM. no room for discussion.
  7. Except the midget lesbians, like verne troyer.

  8. Goddamn was the title even meant to be a troll? Because you got me if so. More fun!
  9. Once I raped a girl and afterwards she was crying and I was like "HAHAHA JUST KIDDING...I WAS JUST TROLLING U." and she was like "haha u got me!" and then we moved on
  10. What's trolling?
  11. I once made a rude comment to a young lad

    I told him his mothers cooking was rather distasteful HAH

  12. Having your avatar and not putting in your sig who she is.

  13. Trolling is a strong, black, independent white dude that doesn't need a lion to make his tail wiggle.

  14. Indeed... Indeed... :cool:
  16. Hey is for horses, you horse.
  17. It's funny, i was trolling people IRL before i even knew about internet trolls
  18. this thread is balls


    fuck the jews
  19. Hipster alert, sound the alarm!

    : O

  20. This is me.


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