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Being a sneaky stoner 101

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Get Highhh, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. The Guide to not getting caught,

    Here it goes,

    1) First off, if you live with your parents, treat them with respect. If you want to tell them about your marijuana use, cite research, get good grades, and don't be the typical moody confrontation teenager. It is their house, their rules, respect that.

    2) If you need to keep your stuff inside, conceal it and do not put it in obvious places (ie: Drawers, under your bed ect.).
    Think of some ingenious spaces they won't even think of checking.

    Try this if you can't find anywhere to put it
    [ame=""]YouTube - How to make a secret, disguised safe.[/ame] ​

    3) Put all the stuff you need into one little stash spot: A pipe, lighter, visine/rohdo, weed, maybe some pocket mouthwash, papers, blunt wrap, anything you need for you for your stoner adventures

    4) Pick the spot you smoke in wisely, a place only you go, or that people rarely go, especially if you are new to weed
    (Side note: It is all about the swiftness, I've walked down the sidewalk blazing, and in more public places because it is done casually, don't be a dumbass)

    5) Make friends with your dealer, if you aren't comfortable to joke around and smoke with your dealer, you probably shouldn't be buying from them

    6) Do NOT smoke weed at school, you DO lose your rights at school and can get searched at any time. If you need to, do what I do and roll and J or blunt and smoke it on the way to school. Use a crappy old lighter that you can ditch or put it a zip lock back and leave it in a known spot. You can also bring gum and visine/rohdo to school, they aren't illegal [If questioned, tell them you get itchy eyes, simple as that]

    7) Don't be a stereotypical fuck up stoner, Get good grades, wear clean clothes, respect your parents and friends ect

    8) I have nothing by any means against getting/being high in public, but don't be an ass about it, that's how you get caught

    9) Do not be in possesion while doing other illegal stuff, if you shoplift, the last thing you want is to be fucked for that and the dub you have in your pocket, keep it to one illegal thing at a time

    10) Learn what rights you have when you are getting pulled over, when you are walking down the street, and in your home. Learn all about it from this site

    11) Don't be sketchy about things, ACT CASUAL it's pretty much second nature for me to make what ever I'm doing legitimate ie: What we're actually doing: Smoking a blunt and driving around, What I tell people I don't want knowing: I got picked up, we went down to Taco Bell, ate a bit, and decided to catch a movie, or go to someones house

    12) The best way to get rid of the smell is to first off STASH the STASH, pop in some visine, get a fresh change of clothes, take a shower, brush your teeth, and kick back

    13) Respect authority, as hard as it, the police will treat you better if you aren't a complete ass, same with just about anyone

    I'm probably missed some but ehh I'm tired,

    To sum it up; Be clever, sneaky, casual, respectful, and smart

  2. I live in a dorm room and if you smoke, its quick to defuse out into the hallways where the RA's await, i actually ordered that "As Seen on TV' product called a twin draft guard that slides under your door to prevent drafts, and it does a WONDERFUL job keeping smells from leaving a room as well
  3. Yeah i got flat out busted by parents today. Got caught by cops before with a pipe with weed and my parents didnt seem to care. But then i came home to a note on my bed how they found my weed. hahaha but the thing is it was catnip for my cat. But then they searched harder and found my bongs. Didnt seem to care as much as I thought they would.
  4. Same thing here. Luckily, our RA is pretty lax. But if the building supervisor came in, or a janitor was around and smelled it, we might get busted. We did the classic wet towel trick at the bottom of the door, but it still got out. We think it might have worked its way through the room vents and to the vent in the hall right outside the room :(
    At least next time we know an extra precautionary step that should help... :p
    Also, some of my roommates don't smoke. We actually live in an apartment on campus with 6 people total and a living room with other people over. Anyone know the best way to get the smoke to flow out of the window? We have fans. First we tried having the fan right at the open window, and trying to blow the smoke kind of towards the fan. That didn't seem to help, so we kept the fan on one side of the window, blowing in, and hopefully pushing the smoky air in the room out. Apparently it didn't work either, unless the smoke was just the leftover smoke from when the other setup didn't work. Anyways, my question is: You guys know any way to circulate the air so that the smokey air mostly goes out the window, or to mask the smell, so that my roommates (and possibly RA) won't be able to smell it?
  5. The bottom of the door isn't the only place where air escapes. In fact, it probably only allows for 50% of the total air exchanged between your floor and the room.

    If you don't want to get caught by your RA, or stink up the hall to be later caught by a Hall Director or Janitor, do the following things:

    1. Cover the bottom crack of your door with moist paper towels. Give it a spritz of Febreeze for extra protection.

    2. Duct-tape (or somehow otherwise seal) the top right and left corner of your door. This is where the majority of the rest of the air is exchanged on a normal door. When the air pressure difference is great between a hallway and a room, and it creates a lot of wind whenever you open or shut the door, put your hand by the bottom crack, and then put your hand by the top right and left'll feel just as strong of a breeze.

    3. If you have a window, open it and put one of those large, 2 1/2 foot fans in it, turned so that the air is blowing OUT the window. I turn mine to setting 2 (medium) as to keep air flow, but reduce noise (especially in the winter, where a loud fan is pretty suspect).

    4. Whatever you do, keep the bowl (or smoking device) near the fan at ALL times. I can't emphasize this enough. The trip to the garbage can or sink to dump the bowl smells enough, don't do yourself any harm by wandering around the room with a cherried bowl.

    5. Rip through your smoke session quickly. Do work. The less time smoke and vapors are floating in your room the better.

    6. After you are done, dump the bowl quickly. Afterwards, allow the fan to continue blowing OUT the window for about 3 minutes. Then, spray febreeze (lysol works GREAT in removing the smell of weed, but too much gives many people a headache), and turn the fan around so that it is pointing INTO your room. This will circulate the air currently in your room, so that your cleaning product is able to disperse within the room. It also builds air pressure in the room, so that when you turn the fan back around 2 minutes later, the air is naturally leaving your room through the easiest outlet (the window).

    7. Be patient. Don't open the door until you've called or texted a friend in another room to do a smell check of the hallway and your room (he'll obviously have to come in the room first, but don't have them come in if the hall smells, which it shouldn't if you follow these steps).

    It may seem like a lot of work just to smoke a bowl, but it's the price you pay for the convenience (at least that's how I think of it). The penalties for having an illegal substance other than alcohol in the dorms can be serious. Some Hall Directors have been known to notify the police when drugs are involved. Be safe, don't fuck up your college career just because you were too lazy to go to a safer location.
  6. In addition to this, it might be a wise investment to get a window fan that has a exhaust option. This means it will do exactly as turning any normal fan to blow it outside.
  7. Cool, I'll try all of these, I know that I have all of these materials, including the 3-foot tall fan :)

    My RA is pretty lax though. I definitely know that she knows that we drink, and we play really loud music on Friday nights while we drink, and she hasn't ever mentioned it to us. If she smells it, I'm pretty sure that the first time she will just warn us to stop it, if she even cares. She probably won't though. The people across the hall from us were 3 friends in a room of 4, and the school added a random person to their room. They hated him, and he was smoking in his room one day, and they mentioned it to the RA in hopes that she would warn him about it so that he might be more miserable and want to move to another room (he did after the semester was over :p), but she didn't ever mention anything to him about it. So it seems that she doesn't really care.
  8. Lol, if you said this at the beginning of your post I stopped reading right there :p

    But now you have me reading the whole post ehh, you sneaky bastard! :p

    Cool post though, was fun reading :D

  9. lol that aerosol can is amazing. im making one today :D
  10. I just know that at my university (Ohio State), 2 RA's are generally walking around as a pair (they're "on call"), so even though my RA is lax (and supposedly yours as well), I still take all the precautions because theres probably a stricter RA somewhere in the building.
  11. I would say if you're trying to be sneaky and it's a possibility for you, SMOKE OUTSIDE. Like on the side of your house, in your drive way, in your back yard.
  12. Yeah, we have them "on call" but here that is a really literal term. They don't usually walk around and monitor the building (it is a 13-floor apartment building), they are just ready to help you out if you get locked out of your room or need help with something. They have a cell phone for people on duty and you can call that. So there shouldn't be another RA walking around. Although there is one RA who is friends with us, but he's a pretty hardcore christian (listens to EDITED rap, and never curses lol), so he wouldn't be too fond of it. I doubt he'd "tattle" though haha.
  13. That safe would be great, but how do you tell when your can has no more pressure in it? I am scared as shit to puncture any of my spray cans.
  14. For enjoying herbs in the car, at concerts and in the dorm/home with the family, nothing i've tried beats this guy:

    NoPuff Pipe
  15. I was about to order one of these, but wasn't sure how well it would work. Thanks!
  16. I dont see what it does that literally anything else couldnt do... a peice of cardboard, a quarter... its just essentially covering the bowl is it not?
  17. Ya, but then it looks like a bowl with a quarter on it. Not terribly discreet at a concert. The clincher for me was that it'll hold your herb internally and you can load it without busting out a bag at all = lifesaver in the car (literally! Both hands on the wheel). That said, it's not for everyone, all my friends think I'm crazy when they pass around a j and I prefer to take a hit from what they call my 'Hang-gun.'
  18. Ahh i see, i was hoping it would have something like a smoke buddy built into it that you could blow back into :(
  19. That'd be cool, but I typically just pull enough to ghost so basically the same result.
  20. Fixed.

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