being a respectful marijuana user.

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  1. is anyone else really concerned with this? only a few people i associate with in person know i smoke (my partner, who i live with, my mom, a couple of friends), and even though they're cool with it (my partner doesn't like the smell, but he lets me smoke in the apartment/bedroom as long as i keep the window open and door closed), i'm always extremely paranoid about being as discreet and clean as possible. i'm visiting my parents back home right now (i moved to another province a few years ago for school), and i'm really careful about keeping my stash well-hidden and going as far away from the house as possible to smoke (even though my mom probably wouldn't care if i went in the backyard or something). i make sure to clean my tools and store everything in separate ziplock baggies, and scrub my hands with soap after handling weed or anything with ash residue on it.
    it's almost like i'm ashamed that i smoke weed, so i want to hide it as much as i can, just in case it may bother anyone in any way.
    anyone else, or am i just an insecure pussy?
  2. ^^^

  3. So...

    Basically what your saying is that you enjoy weed but do not want to conform to the persona of a "lazy teenage stoner" who wallows in his own pit of self-created filth centered around used food wrappers, spilt bong water, and vast deeps of dirty laundry?

    Congratulations! You've learned about hygiene and taking care of the shit you own.

    Don't be afraid to let your closest friends and family know you smoke if you think they can like you for who you are. If they see your clean habits, they may think differently about what a stoner "should" behave like.
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