Being a distributor is a job, not a hobby

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  1. I hate hearing people talking about how dealers have lives too blah blah, it's not like it's a 24/7 job blah blah..etc..

    I don't agree. Being a drug dealer is something that almost takes a natural skill. Not everyone can do it. But the fact is, it's an actual job. When dealers are lazy mother fuckers that try to say 'later' there's no later. I want my drugs NOW. If I you can't service my needs I will go somewhere else.

    Now if we're talking about kids who try to buy dime bags from people who push ounces, that's a different story.

    Bottom line, drug dealing is a job and it requires actual effort.

    On a side note, I hate lazy dealers.
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    Haha, you're completely right though.
  3. Some people are almost always available... ;)

    I gotta agree with most of what you said. It really depends on the motivation level of the drug dealer, and how many people they know.

    P.S. - I don't know if drug dealing threads are allowed here.
  4. im gonna disagree.

    dealers have lives too homie.
  5. I agree to an extent. I don't understand how dealers can be dry. I mean, yeah shit happens sometimes, but they have ONE job, and that's to be supplied with weed. I know dealers have lives and families and all that, but when they say they're out or they don't know when they're getting some back in always baffles me.

    I'm not a pushy buyer, I never hit him up too late or too early, I drive to dude's house, always respectful to them, ask about their lives, how they're doing, etc but I think, like another poster said, it's not something everyone can do. If you decide to become a dealer, you need to be able to supply customers at any given time (within reason). Those who can't do that shouldn't deal. I notice this applies to most HS dealers (I'm 19 and 2 of my connects are 17 and 18).

    Sorry for the long post, this is the first day of my t-break so I need to kill time somehow.
  6. As long as people dont start talking about dealing them selves or getting to into it, I think this thread should be fine. (I hope.)

    But i feel ya OP 100%.

    If you do work, You have to be commited 100%.

    Like ive said time n time again, If i go to the store they dont tell em to wait or go meet em up at osme random location, No im here to buy a product, Period. You NEED my bussiness.

    Theres this guy i went to cop some pills off not long ago, I go to his crib and hes complainng i woke the dude up.

    I looked him in the eye with paper in my hand like dawg, Im here to put this bread in your pocket and your gon bitch about having to wake up. Get the fuck on with that.

    I like my people.

    I called my guy earlier told him id be at the crib in 5 minutes, 10 minutes from that call he was here.
  7. Dealers get there stuff from another dealer/grower, right? So what if something happenend to the dealer/grower, or he went on a couple day vacation, or is sick, etc. Dealers can't always have a steady supply or re-up instantly.

    Some drug dealers have real jobs, go to school, etc. Just because they are a drug dealer doesn't mean that's their only job and duty.
  8. Then they need to have a backup dealers or growers to go to. being a dealer is all about making money. All I want to do is GIVE YOU MY MONEY, all I ask is for a bag with some plant in it. Like I said, sometimes shit happens and I understand that, but for the most part, dealers should ALWAYS have bud on them.

    If they can't balance dealing with their real lives, and are very unreliable, then they shouldn't deal, period.
  9. yea, a legit dealer needs to treat it like a business, because to him, it is.

    But then theres also the people, like this guy i know realllly well... well he wasn't really a drug dealer at the time, he just sold to his friends. But then mad heads start hittin him up constantly so he has to start liein n just sayin he's dry or not around. It depends on the level of the dealer.

    If your pushin zips+, then you gotta be around and supplied whenever your client wants you, as long as its typical drug-business hours (11 am-2am)
  10. shit happens if you get mad because your dealer cant make it right then maybe you need to slow down because you have an addiction
  11. I guess it depends which type of drug dealer you're talkin about. Sure, there are drug dealers that deal for a living, and that's all they do - if you're talkin about those dealers, then sure; they should be available at all times within reason. But there are a lot of dealers out there that have got to hold down a part time job; maybe study - these dealers deal just to have a bit of extra cash, maybe help pay the rent, whatever - not as an actual livelihood, not a fulltime job. Think of it as a part time job. Just a bit of extra cash. Nothing professional.
  12. Oh look it's GC's resident doctor!

    its a free market economy man. If your dealer is lazy, not on time, or has trouble reading a scale then fine a dealer who's good at what they do and actually care about you. I have 8 in my phone and if one of them is dry i move onto my number two.

    the other day i asked my dealer what made him want to start slanging and he told me when he was younger he was depressed and weed helped him see things different, and the reason he sells is to bring this happiness to others.

    So yeah, just go get a good one. There's thousands if you know where to look.
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    Lol dude dealers DO have lives, shit comes up, shit gets busted (not really where i live) you can't expect dealers to be able to sell 24/7. It's your job to have a network of dealers so if one dude's out you just hit the next number.

    BTW KeepSmokinReefa, you're a dick for waking the dude up. I know if some random dude woke me up asking for pills i'd be pretty pissed too.

    A dick? Where do you think you are? Name-calling doesn't float here at all. *RMJL
  15. This is exactly what I was thinking when I saw those dudes eyeballing bags in the first 5minutes of weeds. (Which was the only amount I could stand to watch)

    Dealing is a job, and needs to be taken seriously. I don't want some fucks eyeballing my bags, you need to put that shit on a scale or I'm gonna put electrical tape over all the bills I hand you, then we can both play roulette to see if we both got what we wanted.

    If you can't make the effort, don't bother.
  16. Well wasnt that stupid to call me a dick?

    But anyways, Aight it was about NOON.

    Dude didnt have a phone at the point jus says stop by the crib.

    Only way to get ahold of him is to buzz his apartment, I buzzed him and seen him open his apartment door to see whos at the main door and seen its me and let me in.

    Dude made a couple bills profit.

    I know, Im sucha dick.
  17. What an asshole! :rolleyes:
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    This thread is high in irony but low in pragmatism. Not a healthy balance, methinks. Pretty silly when you consider sometimes the store you go to is not stocking the item you need. It isn't their fault. It happens, people bought it before you did. Or maybe you had to pick up something at the store but didn't bother to go until 9:30 and they closed at 9. That ain't the stores fault. You spent your time doing other things and so did they, like closing up for the night.

    Is it the dealer's fault he didn't want to wait around all night seeing who wanted bud and instead took his lady out to the movies or dinner?

    Dealing is a job to some, not all. To some it's spare money. Or allows them to burn for free. They don't need to chase every last cutty because their mortgage depends on it. Not likely. Keep that in mind & if you don't like the dealer you have find another.

    Thinking that they NEED you more than you NEED them is silly. It's a tandem relationship, don't trip. Without him, you have nothing. Without you, he has one less play to make or one less phone call to answer.

    If he's hard up for customers he isn't going to blow you off. If he is blowing you off, odds are you aren't that important of a customer to him.
  19. Any real, long term dealer, is going to have a real job also, you are not going to be slanging long term with no job, popo going to be wondering how you bought that house and new car with no legal income incoming.
  20. Not true. I know of a drug dealer who has been dealing for almost 10 years, and he does it for a living, no job. His wife works, and almost everything is in her name.

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