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  1. Im cool with a couple and get discounts on shit, Its always nice.

    At the liqour store i get a 12 pack of 40's every week for a even $25 includin deposit so he gives me a couple dollars off and $8 liters of cheap whiskey out the door any time i want.

    Then at the tobbaco store right by it i go there and get blacks/blunts all the time.

    Today i went and got 5 packs of black n mild wines and 2 packs of swishers, Which comes out to be about $19.50.

    He gave it to me for $16 even and was gonna throw in 2 cheap lighters then said naa, You come here often have a bic and threw in a bic so what shoulda been $20.50 i got for $16. Not shabby.
  2. It defnitely pays to be nice to people like that, never know when you'll be crunchin' and glad you got that extra $$
  3. For sure man.

    It's even better to have an internal connection. My girlfriend works at Rita's water ice.

    So i blaze a blunt on the way to visit her there and enjoy all the free water ice i can stomach :)
  4. this girl at the chevron always drops a couple swishers in my bag no matter what i buy
  5. water ice??
  6. yeah...the ppl at the tobacco mart here always throw in free lighters and stuff

    and this dude im runnin his deal for him on some his cuttin the prices down for me even more:p
  7. Ya I was in the liquor store I usually go to and the owner was behind the counter and we usually shitchat for a bit. He overheard I was lookin for a bottle of Tequila for my mom for her B-day and said come over here to the counter. He whips out this big ass bottle of Milagro (Top shelf shit) that he had sitting back there marked for $66 and gave it to me for $30 since his supplier gave him 2 for 1 anyways. That was pretty bad-ass of him.
  8. The tobbaco store guys always hook me up on prices it seems and ALWAYS a free lighter which shit its appreciated ya know.

    Real friendly service.

    Even at fast food joints, Two of them got girls who like/want me. One i dont get much for free but been messin round with her and got another one who chicks gives me free pops n shit.

    Lovin it.

    The tobbaco stores the best, Alot of places ive been like headshop they 'give you a deal' by raisin the price of something else but these people are real legit with it.

    Cheaper prices then anywhere else round here.

    My works 3.29 for a pack of swishers this place is 2.79 and ALWAYS FRESH AS FUCK. But i almost never pay 2.79 it seems.
  9. right on dude. Sounds like you have a good reputation with them.
  10. always nice

    i know my store that sells to me

    been going there for a while

    they give me some discounts

    but not on liquor
  11. Man you always gotta be cool with shopowners. You never know when they are feeling generous. It interesting getting into a conversation with someone you usually just buy a lighter and a bag of chips from.
  12. I know nasa so sometimes I fly 2 the moon and they got tight long island ice tea up there and I a got buy 1 get 1 off coupon so I got hooked up MAINE!!
  13. You actually reminded me.

    I get these $1.50 off a pack of black n milds at my work, The ladys up front give them to me but blacks exspenive there but after coupon its like $2.20 a pack which isnt bad at all.
  14. I totally know what you mean, im a social butterfly (no homo). I make friends and connect with most everyone so i stay getting deals and such. Dont ever be afraid to ask for a deal ever, worst case they say no
  15. I know the owners of a little corner store, been going there for years. At least 10 years since I was like 6 (now 18 almost 19). Whenever I go there if I'm not getting too much they'll just give it to me for free. Then I know one of the guys that does the gravyard shift at Circle K and when they unload the beer he sets aside like 3 or 4 12 packs and leaves them outside around back. Then I know another guy at another Circle K and he gives me free Thrist Busters, hotdogs, doughnuts, etc., anything that doesn't have a barcode.
  16. I go to the same store to buy my smokes, even though they were pricier than other places so I get a discount on cigs, drinks and beer at that store now.

    My friends brothers friend works at this on store so I get any 20 pack of smokes for$4.85 ( i live in Canada so that's cheap) and cheaper beer and liqour.
  17. You know, today is the 3rd day in a row one of the ladies at the kangaroo by my house have given me free a drink. I usually come in there atleast once a day to get cigs, beer, shit like that, and I have this 64 oz insulated cup with a handle n lid n all that, 95 cents regularly to fill it up, I been gettin for free :)
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    Hahaha, At my work its like that. Go buy a .97 cent 32 oz fountain drink(pop). And go back later and ask to buy a refill and they look at me crazy. Always free refills and sometimes cheap food if i get osmeone cool.
  19. I used to work at a gas station and we would give out free shit and discounts to people we liked and friends and shit all the time. it was great, i used to go back in the cooler and smoke and drink the 3.2 beer. it was sweet, everyone that worked there smoked so we would just drop in and take each other for burn cruises all the time

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