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  1. So what if beiber smokes weed, loads of celebrity's smoke up! Who cares! /Not a fan of beiber and his music but oh well fair do's!
  2. Beiber Smokes weed?
  3. yeah idk pretty much everyone does it my dealer is always telling me how he has teachers, doctors, all kinds of people
  4. the world shouldnt be suprised that celebs use marijuana. its 2013 already
  5. There are pictures of him from New Years smoking (but honestly, who cares?). What I find ridiculous are all these dumbass little girls who are cutting themselves and posting pictures online because of it.

    Look up #cuttingforbeiber or #cutforbeiber on twitter or instagram. So pathetic lol
  6. why the fuck do people care that another pretty boy is smoking a fucking joint so fucking what
  7. i bet he smokes fucking schwag, thats what makes it to the hills unless you are medical
  8. Beiber does not deserve the right to smoke bud.

  9. Seriously....what is GC's fixation with that fuck, if nobody likes him they sure do make a lot of threads about him.
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    so what do you prefer? Lsd or bud? :rolleyes:

    Cannot discuss other drugs here =- WW
  11. I knew Biebz was a bad ass, but now that he blazes, oh shit hes a fuckin O.G

    O.G as in overly gay

  12. I'd tell you, but we can't openly discuss any drugs other than MJ, alcohol and tabacco without risking an infraction or ban depending on what mod sees it first.
  13. Riight? i dont understand the kids a little pretty boy fucktard that anyone over the age of 15 pretty much hates and are people really cutting themselfs for this like im pretty sure attempted suicide is a million times worse then smoking a little weed like what the fuck let make some one stop doing somthing we dislike by doing somthing worse
  14. Maybe this will help young christian goody goody girls be more tolerant and open to weed when it comes up for discussion.

    This is almost as crazy as the reaction when Miley Cyrus LEGALLY smoked salvia
  15. every person should try at lest 1 drug in there life IMO

  17. at least!
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    To a degree, however...


    Not even once.
  19. Everyone should just like, smoke weed and chill out.
  20. Would it be the worst thing ever if the gayness that is the beiber, helped bring recreational MJ to the main stream more? Would it be terrible if even more young adults approved of cannabis?

    Than quit fucking bitching!

    Take it how you can get it.

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