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behind the counter?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by burnie, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. hey guys, first post and all so bare with me lol
    i've been a long time reader but only just signed up,

    anyways, my problem is, i've got a few contacts if i want some weed right, but they're all quite far away and i can't drive so it means i have to get a bus or something and that can be a bit pricey, but theres this shop which is alot nearer to me, it's kinda like a headshop i think (he sells legal highs, bongs, pipes etc) and he looks like a typical stoner and i was wondering if it would be normal if he sold weed? like behind the counter if you guys get me, like do they usually or sometimes have a bit of grass that they're looking to sell in places like that? or do you think he's get offended that i asked?
    and if they do usually have some, how would i go about asking?
    i'm from the uk btw

    cheers guys
  2. I would maybe buy something and if it seems right just ask him if he knows where to get some bud. He will probably say no, but you never know.
  3. i have thought about that, but i was thinking if he said no it's be a bit awkward and ive bought bongs and pipes and all sorts from there, so if it went sour i'd have no where to get my 'equipment' from lol
  4. If our in the USA, he will kick you out of the headshop.

    And he will probably be pissed
  5. i wouldnt do it because ur not supposed to refer anything in the headshop about weed or in that matter. but i know a guy in a headshop n i could talk about weed with him but anyother place i wouldnt ask.
  6. maybe ask the guy if he wants to chill one day when hes not working. Ask him if he smokes if he does ask him for a contact, but dont just ask quick he would prly be but on the spot.
  7. hmmm i guess i won't ask then, like i said i can get weed it's just a bit of a hassle due to the distance :confused:
  8. They would be the stupidest people in the world to do ANYTHING like that even recommending people the pipe buisiness is iffy as hell, Anything suggesting that its related to smoking weed can get your shop shut down, Their pipes should never be reffered to as bongs in headshops if you came in their and asked for weed they'd think your 5-0 and probally kick your ass out, and tell you to not come back. Go meet some people Go to public places and just look for black dudes with red ass eyes or stoner looking people and ask them if they smoke trees, Its a "drug" theres a market out there that wants to sell to you as long as your not a snitch or a informent
  9. which i'm not,
    and tbh that sounds like too much hard work for my liking, over here it's not that easy, and the whole "black dude" thing sounds kinda racist actually lol, but just for the record all of my dealers have been white ...
    but thanks for your post anyways :)

  10. Yeah, you probably shouldn't ask him, especially when you are actually in the store. Outside of the store is different. But he could easily be fired for talking about marijuana.

    If I were you I would save my money and buy in bulk when you do take the trip to pick up. I don't know what would be "bulk" for you because I don't know how much you smoke. I make pickups an hour and a half away and buy an ounce about every month and a half.

    Good luck.

  11. thanks man, i forgot to mention btw, he owns the shop lol
    it's not an official headshop or anything its just a little one roomed shop that sells all that sort of stuff
    don't think that'll change anything mind and i try to buy in bulk anyways, but i have a real problem of smoking it quickly, wish i could restrain myself :(
  12. I just wanna say I don't need to ask the owner of my local head shop but when you say " your not suppose to do this or that " .... Well as far as I know theres no secret microphones recording that the cops are listening in on lol. Yea I wouldn't bring it up personally unless I really casually brought it up like... go buy something cheap and be like this will come in handy when I actually find something to smoke... Let them respond, especially if you've been in there before. The person who owns the one I go to always tells me to stop in to see her new pieces even though she knows I have one. They're normal people but yes they don't wanna lose their business but I've even heard a family member tell the owner they should try out their new piece they got in... Try out? with what, tobacco? lol...
  13. Just chill outside the headshop for awhile, and talk to the people that come in and out casually. They are obviously there for the same reason you are.
  14. if you want your ass kicked out the store go for it!

  15. I just said that because all my black friends eyes get red as the devils dick none of the white guys i know get that red eyed my point was its not too hard to find smoke and head shops arent the place.
  16. Try walking around in a crowded place and asking ppl for it but don't be really blunt about it.

    Don't be like "ANYONE HAVE WEED, MARIJUANA????"

    Just go up to people with dreads or people with trippy t-shirts or that look like they'd smoke and ask em for "bud" or "herb", "tree" etc.

    I've done it probably about 10 times when on vacation, from Cali to Whistler to Colorado to Boston it's always worked haha. In Whistler it worked wayyyy to well lol, EVERYONE had it.. wish I could be there haha

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