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  1. I come from a real stingy town where everyone's out simply to get theirs. It's made me insecure and prone to social anxiety. Meeting (A) felt great, as he's really chill and friendly. (B) got bad vibes from me for a night or two because i was xtremely high, and CDE had made me feel a little unwanted from time to time, but last night changed a lot of things... I'm not sure what this story really means yet, but It's really made me feel good about myself today...

    A well known humble stoner/typical college alchy proprietor who spends every last cent of his $ getting people fucked up and hoping to make friends.
    A's room mate, a Connecticut girl too book smart to have any patience for the majority of people here in PA. From being broke all her life starting at bad spending habits of her parents, B is an up-tight pessimistic realist.
    All dude friends who typically hang in a group.

    While (A+B) finished the last of cleaning their condo for a move, (CDE) decided to bring up a pint of vodka to their place (as (A+B)'re very open about the apartment). (A+B) go to a different college than (CDE and I), and (A) had early classes the next day.
    We all drank our faces off for awhile, until (A) had to go to his college dorm in preparation for an early class the next day which is a 5 minute drive.

    Before leaving, all except for (E & I) spent time in the apartment bedroom discussing what sounded like crushing pills, however I got the gist a discussion about me was going on as well, when (D) said loudly from the room that "He seems uncomfortable sometimes but he knowss we're cool with him, you know!?" - When i tried to enter the room telling (C) I could give them reliable advice, it was apparently (A)'s rules that I wasn't allowed in.

    When everyone else came out of the bedroom, they yelled about who was best at snorting pills, and It ended up looking like a legit conversation about pills had been going on in the room so i figured someone (understandably) didn't wanna share something more expensive, not that i'd want it anyways. But then (A) came up to (E and I)..

    A: "(E), You're my boy you kno that? I want you on my team; Think of a name son.."

    It was then he turned to me..
    "And you! You're my boy man, don't ever ever hesitate to hit me up, and i KNOW you do!"

    I froze with disbelief.. I didn't wanna hit him up excessively because I really like the guy, so I put literally everyone else before him for the past 2 days. I felt accepted, for the first time in as long as I can remember.

    I said: "Man.. I come from a real stingy town.. I love yu man"

    "You too man, think of your shit"

    "What!?"(hoping he'd make it clear i was part of this 'team')

    and he simply responded "think of your shit!" and all but (E& I) left to drop him off.

    Upon returning, (B C and D) were all in a drunken search for (D)'s Iphone which couldn't have gone far. The search went on until C&D went back to the car to look for it, because (C) was the last person to have it. It was then (B & I) had a bonding conversation while left alone, where she realized I'm not a creeper and I learned about her past & pessimistic attitude. I also learned (A) has serious 'problems' with drinking/toking for friends and excessive spending on top of it.

    It was then (C&D) returned to find the Iphone in the couch (T_T) - I wasn't sure why (D) was so FURIOUS about finding his Ipod, until we were told (C) threw his Ipod touch down the elevator shaft in drunken guilt.

    If that wasn't enough, we just got a text from (A) stating he flipped shit on our friends currently at (A&B)'s college dorms for being pissed off at us for letting him drink. It stated he flipped out on them "for you guys" and spoke of family. This made me feel even better but at this point I really wanted to help (A) with his irrational spending & such.

    The rest of the night was passing out/unwinding. And realizing I really may have nothing to worry about...

    Quote of the night:
    "Where's my fucking phone!?!?" "You threw it down the fucking elevator shaft!"
  2. I do not understand.
  3. ^ I agree, I don't understand this story at ALL.
  4. Why the fuck do people always leave out names. Just include their fucking first names, how the hell would we know who they are.
  5. Please !Just use names!!
  6. PFahahaha sorry guys, I sincerely thought this was easy as hell to understand and was prouda myself :p will edit when i'm done getting last night outta my stomach
  7. ..... that was the most confusing story
  8. I pretty much understood it. It sounds like you had a good night! You're probably on your way to getting to be good friends with these people if you spend more time with them and feel less reserved around them. It seems like they like you. Good luck!

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