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  1. I have 6 green crack in a greenhouse and I'm wondering how much more I can expect the plants that have just entered flowering to grow? Any help is appreciated

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  2. In flowering they say, expect it to either double or Even triple in size..
  3. If ur being serious rn lol I'm thinking these plants can hopefully supply 2 oz a plant
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  4. Yeah man I am serious, I'm like 8 days into flower and can already see her stretching.
  5. These plants have been stretching for a week about I think and getting all sorts of flowering sites but idk how dense or big the buds I will get but the greenhouse is getting 13 hours of sunlight a day right now and I only fimmed one plant because this is my first Grow and I had no idea what I was really doing. But I feel that the buds will get big and dense with the amount of natural light hitting the entire plant and not just the tops like a indoor grow!
  6. Also with the stretching should I expect all the branches to stretch up to the top and turn into colas? Because if so I'm gonna have a lot more weed then I'm gonna know what to do with lmao
  7. Haha yeah man tell me about it! I love it stinking out my room, I sleep about half a meter away from my tent lol
  8. I'm honestly scared because I didn't train any of my plants except one that I won't get a lot because of the entire marijuana grows like a Christmas tree kind of deal which isn't the best for bud production but I'm happy with what I can get for my first Grow. I'm taking pride in this Grow no matter what yield I get
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  9. IMG_0350.JPG IMG_0362.PNG I understand man, I'm in my first grow as well but I started training her and topping, more like an experiment and it turned out this is one week into flower.

    The top one Is after a little defoliation.
  10. My entire Grow was a experiment lol some plants are bigger than others because I started nutrients at different times because had no idea how the plants would react. I only fimmed one plant just in case I messed it up and when I noticed it worked out giving my plant 3 main colas I was happy but it is to late to do the others lol so all I can do is do it right when my purple kush plants are ready
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  11. Good luck bro, all a learning experience I'm sure both our next grows will be awesome !
  12. Both those plants look sexy I'm kinda jealous lol I can't wait to see what my next Grow is gonna look like
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