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    Hello fellow GC members! :smoke:

    I am planning on starting a grow journal here on GC. Here is a list of my shopping cart on Amazon and want to know if all of this stuff will work on a first grow. Im not real sure about the lights so I listed a couple that are all possibilities.

    2 Gallon Round Nursery Pot
    Miracle Gro Perlite
    Rockwool starter cubes
    Lamp and Appliance timer with 2 settings
    Scott's organic Miracle Gro Potting Mix
    Ge 26 Watt Energy Smart CFL - 6 Pack - 100 Watt output OR ALZO Digital Full Spectrum Light Bulb - ALZO 45W Photo CFL 5500K 91 CRI, Daylight balanced, pure white light, 2800 Lumens
    PH meter
    Total cost ( roughly ) = 50 with first light 70 with other

    ( I want the first one because its more in my budget, so if you would like to enlighten me on some cheap CFLs that are good on Amazon, all power to ya. )

    Oh by the way, my budget is upwards on $80-$110.

    I would really like this to be successful upon my first try, but even if it fails, we learn from our mistakes. I will take all the help I can get is what im trying to say.
  2. Personally I would go with 3-5 gal pots. I would not use miricale grow anything. A organic soil is good but with no nute's added. Depending on how many plants you are growing I would get at least twice that much light. 300-600w or more depending on how many plants you are growing. I would also think you will need a bigger budget but could do a small grow for some exp. and a little bud if all goes well.
  3. like he said no miracle gro anything i like pro-mix, earth juice ferts, as much light as you can fit and afford

    how much space do you have to work with?
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    Oh yeah I noticed it just forgot to update the list.
    I am going to use
    Ocean Forest® Potting Soil
    Big Bloom™ Liquid Plant Food (0.01-0.3-0.7)

    I am also changing the lights.
    6 x 30w 5.5k for vegging
    6 x 30w 2.5k for flowering

    Ohh and forgot to mention, I am doing a micro CFL grow, in a little grow box that is yet to be completed, so I am not going up to 300-400w lights haha.

    I do not have the dimensions of the box yet, but I am thinking about a 40heightx30widthx10depth, which I think would be good to be scrogging a decent sized plant.

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