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  1. I must have dropped this or hurt the stem or something. I topped it 3 days ago which you can see and as the top shoots started growing so did these 2 shoots at the node above the cotlydon leaves. hmmmmmm why? Sorta blurry but it conveys what im talking about? why do the plants get red streaks on their stems again?

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  2. when you topped the plant or whatever you did, you forced energy to be redirected. its benefiting you, two extra grow points to produce more grow points for buds. what type of light are you using and how far? you are quite stretched.
  3. Sup Naughty Dread,

    I fell victim in the store to two fluros that said "gro light" and there 20 watt little 24 inch crappers if you ask me. They give off no heat though. I put all brain power into my hydro setup and nutrients plus germination and thought "Oh I can skate on lights, dont need them" But I realized i do!!!! I ordered a 400 watt hps from insidesun last week. IM SO EXCITED because i see the city people reporting accelerated growth with the addition of hps systems. I will be doing all veging and flowering under this. this is ok??????????? they are stretched from grower error the one picture is "ol stumpy" very short at first and then just took off. the shoots are so intresting. The whole experience is really. How long does the order take from inside sun? Patience will reward me. red streaks on stems???? need to read more i suppose
  4. Yep you can use ur h.p.s for veg and flower with great results.

    Red or purple stems could be a strain thing, What strain is it? And it could also be over fert or under fert and sometimes happens when it's cold. Ur plant looks healthy and doesn't look to be under fed or over fed
  5. Im using seeds that i got out of bags of commercial from about 6 months ago. I know the plant would be lacking the potency i want and yield but i just wanted to start and get ahead of myself for when the blue mystic and shiva seeds arrive. i am following feed instructions for the flora gro i got. It seems as the plants get older they get more of these red streaks. Its actually sorta pleasant lookin. they grow great for the lackluster lights i have on them. im doing everthing close to right at this point.

    Oh Yeah Why does the rockwool develop the red crusty crystally stuff on it??????? if you know thats cool. Also i ususally smoke halfzware shag. im stuck with nasty bugler today. AAAAHHHHHH
  6. Does the red crystally stuff dissolve when you water?
  7. its hydro setup. the bottom 3rd of the rockwool gets direct water. this crsytal crap is on top of the rockwool. so no it doesnt go away because i havent poured water over it. I bet it would go away then uh? seems like the same kind of buildup you get from a catsup bottle around the edge all the crusty crappy dry catsup. It just doesnt look proper really no real adverse effects on plant life id say
  8. I'm just guessin i've not gone hydro yet, Could it be a salt build up? What colour is ur nute mix.
  9. My water turns a nice pinkish red upon adding all nutes. Thats very perceptive of you. It does carry "salt" traits after further inspection. Salt? How does it create salt if in fact thats what it is? I wonder.........That could be harmful if gone unchecked and it exceeds.
  10. The nutrients r salts i think, It sounds like the top of the rockwell cube is getting too dry, All the water is evaporating and leaving u with salts, Like i said i'm not sure so better wait till someone else replies lol.
  11. its just salt. when the water evraporates from the top of the cube it leaves the salt behind. all quite normal and nothing to worry about if the plants r looking ok.

    personaly tho i dont like it so i scrape it off every now and then and pour water over it to wash it away just b4 i change the water in the res.

    mine isnt red tho, its just white. but my nutes aint red either so...

  12. i mite be wrong but im guessin its 6mth old bag seed. probably imported from africa or the far east if hes in the uk.
  13. oh and johnny wher u put on ur diggithingy "shoots that were not invited" they just branches m8, they do grow on plants and its quite normal.
  14. there seeeds from crappy mexican commercial weed i was smokin frequently six months ago. i just saved them for a few acres i knew of. i stopped smokin that stuff though. figured id grow what i could sow. what do you think of blue misty or shiva by nirvana standard. indoor hydro 400 hps. yield primarily?
  15. blue misty or blue mistic? blue mistic is one of the white strains that nirvana sell and i personaly rate all of the white strains that they sell, iv just brought some misty becuse i want a nice little single cola plant for a sog. im expecting good things from it. blue mistic shud also be a very good preformer.

    my last "white" grow was white rhino and i got 9oz from soil under a 400hps. hyrdo i would of got more, im expecting 12+oz from the misty in nft. im guessing blue mistic will be about the same, cant say for sure though as i havent got around to growing it just yet.
  16. i think youll do fine with the bagseed. im pretty sure what ive grown bagseed wise has been of mexican decent and hasnt disappointed me. you must remember, mexican brick is cartel weed. they dont what happens to it as long as it gets here and makes a buck.
  17. heres the shoots a few days later. im worried about my seed order its been since the 10th and no confirmation of it being sent. im gettin blue misty and shiva of nirvana standard from a supposedly reputable seed bank. my best ladie started to perfume today. you touch her stem and she farts a nice faint skunky smell. maybe my "ditch weed" isnt after all. the red streaking looks coreagraphed (sp) to genetics if that makes sense.

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  18. how tall was the white rhino that produced 9 oz. how much space did it take up? this is that lil stinker. cant wait to get a light. this is just 5 inches tall.

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  19. i had 9 plants in 10ltr buckets of soil in a 3x3ft space under a 400hps.

    8 of the plants were white rhino and i got the 9 oz off these and 2oz off the other plant.

    the rhino were clones put into flower at 1ft and grew to a little under 2 foot. i used canna nutes and pk13/14. they were harvested at 6 to 7 weeks (about 2 weeks early) so yeald was down. they did smell but not that bad, they smell worse in the last to weeks of flower and mine were starting to stink.
  20. this is my shoot progress. couldnt resist. if you got a plant top that ladie yee haw!!!!!!!

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