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    I have been reading quite a few magazines and I have pulled a lot of different technical information from them.

    Temperature Conversions
    F = Degrees in Fahrenheit
    = Degrees in Celsius (Centigrade)

    To convert Fahrenheit to Celsius:
    Subtract 32 and multiply by 0.55.
    EX: (68
    F - 32) x .055 = 20C

    To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit:
    Multiply by 1.8 and add 32
    EX: (60C x 1.8) + 32 = 140F

    Metric Conversions Chart

    x 3785 = milliliters
    x 0.1337 = cubic feet
    x 3.7853 = liters

    x 0.03527 = ounces

    x 33,814 = fluid ounces
    x 1.05669 = quarts
    x 0.2642 = gallons

    x 28.35 = grams

    Ounces (Fluid)
    x 29.574 = milliliters
    x 0.02957 = liters

    x 453.59237 = grams

    I have to get back to work for the moment, but I will be adding a substantial amount more of information tonight. Hopefully this can really help some beginning growers out and make it easy to measure their nutrients out.


  3. i'll be curious to see what more information you post because, not to be an ass, but there are a ton of websites that do all those conversions for you, such as this. :cool:
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    Yes there are, but I am placing it on one page to avoid having to search the web. Also, I have the feed schedules from Dutchmaster, Fox Farm, and Technaflora to post up on top of some PPM information and CFM for fans. I have the hydroponic and soil versions of the schedules also.

    EDIT: I also have some information concerning EC readings and how they should compare to PPM and what the safe levels are.


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