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  1. many of you could call me ignorant for i have no knowledge whatsoever about growing marijuana. a little while ago me and my friends planted a few seeds in a pot just to see if we could grow a couple leaves. the results were incredible. in a very short period of time 4 of the plants grew to a height of about 3 feet. i dont know if this is normal but for a long time i have been saying "theres no way its gonna bud" but now that i feel what its like to admire such a beautiful creation i want to know if there is any chance for it to bud? will just regular watering, good sunlight and heat make a weed plant grow ganja? or am i just kidding myself, any feedback would be great.
  2. Is it outdoor? If it's 3 feet tall and its female--it's going to bud my brother. Believe in the miracle. Do you know how to distinguish a female from a male? If not there is plenty of info right here in grass city. (You said you were a beginner so I thought i'd ask). How about some pics?
  3. got any pics? :) lets see your baby :) thats is very exciting.
  4. of course it will get bud. you dont need ferts and fancy soil and all that stuff to grow a decent plant and get some decent bud. some pics would be nice.
  5. ooh wow im excited, im not sure if its female or male but i will google it and get back to you. pics coming soon.
  6. It is awesome to see the budding process.
    Cut out males (little balls between stem and beginning of branches and on tops too) Don't let the little balls open or you'll get only seeded weed -unsmokable- on your females.
    Females should be flowering soon (are you in US, Europe?) if it hasn't started. You'll see white threads coming out from tiny figues, like the shape of a bulb.
    For flowering use a fertilizer with more P and K than N. Don't burn them with too much ferts. If not sure just let it be. You can actually kill them if too much ferts!

    Have fun

  7. Here ya go, hope this helps:


  8. Maybe not absolutely essential, but good organic compost and ferts certainly increase your yield.
    I hope you get a good load of bud, and would like to see some pics, PLEASE.
  9. so, if i dont cut out the males then im not gonna have smokable weed? and once again i want to thank everyone for their help, since i know just a tiny bit about growing.

  10. You will have smokeable weed but it will be less potent due to the plant putting some of its energy in to developing seeds instead of what you are growing the plants for.
  11. ooh ok, i see.
  12. yeah you'll have smokable weed, it's hard to know how much potency (if any) is lost by
    letting them seed. But the big "problem" is your buds will be full of seeds.

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