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Beginners Guide To Get You Started In Growing Cannabis

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing Guides' started by jcj77d, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Thanks for the guide! I had a question though. You said to have a 30% runoff is that for every time you water? Also I ended up with fungus gnats because of overwatering was this because I was watering too frequently and not necessarily with too much water? Thirdly I ended up covering the top of my soil with sand to stop the gnats(about 2") so how can I tell if the top of my soil is dry?

  2. Great guide

  3. 10% runoff is enough, but be sure to let the pots drain for some time.

    No experience with fungus gnats, soz.

    Water plants when the pots feel like superlight. Helps to develop a good root system and no worries about overwatering :hello:
  4. if someone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. i started 6 seeds in paper towel method on a heat pad. 2 days and they all popped. i stuck them in pre watered 3 gallon smart pots with 75/25 ocean forest/perlite. waited 3 days and nothing. i blew on a couple pots and the soil blew off and there sits the seed. still cracked open but root wont come out. ive planted bagseed 15 years ago when i was a teen with no probs. the beans popped. i planted in potting soil turn on light and voila plants in 3 days. so whats the problem now???? temp in tent with pots stayed at 75 with 40% rh. i even tried turning on light yesterday cause i get get a definitive answer ANYWHERE, about whether to turn the lamp on once they are in the ground or not. i waited for 3 days with no light and it stayed bout 70 with 70%rh. then i tried 300w hps at 4ft above soil with fan running. figured maybe light would draw out plants as it does in nature. guess not..... really dont want to burn more loot on seeds. gonna do some experiments on bag seed i guess, just really need a little advise. i have 4x4 tent, 409cfm 6" windtunnel, filter, and 600w lumatek. all insulated ducting. (not sure if that helps) i really would appreciate some feedback.
  5. Are you keeping the soil moist? For Light I just start them off under a couple of daylight CFL`s then bump it up once they get going after a week or two. In the very early stages of seedlings I want them to focus more on root growth then veg growth thats why I start them under less light.
  6. thats the weird part. i put maybe 2 gallons of purified water on 6, 3gallon pots. i watered till i saw small bit dripping out bottom of pot. then i let them sit for a full day at 75 degrees before planting. once i did i havent watered since and thats been almost 4 days. top of soil is dry like dust. after i pulled the seed i exposed out, cause it is not coming out of shell i mixed soil around and its all moist. not wet but moist. and thats after 3 days in dark, and 24 hours of light at 300w with fan. i just dont get it. they popped fast then i put in pots and nothing. i didnt want to start in small cups cause i read its better to start in final container. also humidity has never gotten above 50, so shouldnt be humidity issue i woulnt think, but thats why i came here for help. seems to be the best place for knowledge. thanks man
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    I just start mine out in small Dixie cups and under a couple of daylight CFL`s. To much light and you can dry out the soil and seedling real fast. Our starting area for seeedlings is right next to the microwave on the kitchen counter. Convenient spot and easy to keep an eye on them. What klind of soil did you put them in? Starting out in the final pot they will finish out in is just a personal preference for some, my plants get transplanted about 2-3 times in thier lifetime.
  8. im using FFOF 75/25 OF/perlite. im gonna have to try the cup method. does seem more reasonable to deal with small cups as opposed to always movin round those pots. are you using any heat source under your cups? i do have a heat pad i use for germing the beans. also do you cover the top as i have read ppl using saran wrap till they pop ground? the funny thing is if i wasnt "trying" these would have been no prob. i used to toss whole beans in ground and boom a week later a plant. now that ive paid for quality beans from attitude i f'd em up. really blows. thanks for the replies though. hopefully with a little help i can turn this thumb green. :smoke:

  9. I use Fox Farm Light Warrior soil for seedlings. Our house stays about 75 degrees year around so we just start the seeds in the kitchen. To germ them we drop them in a shot glass of water for about 24 hours or untill they sink then we put them between a small piece of damp paper towel and put that in small round Ziplock containers with lids and stick that in the cupboard above the microwave. When the tap root is long enough to plant we put them in small Dixie cups with some drain holes and sit the cups in a bigger plastic container next to the microwave, no top, no humdity dome. The only heat source is from the exhaust fan on the microwave when in use. The soil we use for seed is Fox Farms Light Warrior, it has very little nutes in it as compaired to Ocean Forest. Seedlings dont need any nutes for the first couple of weeks or so. Maybe the nutes in Ocean Forest is burning your seeds, it can with small seedlings. Below is our most recent plants started. They just got topped the other day. Their getting a little to big for the small 2 foot 4 bulb T5 grow light. For the first 2 weeks we just use a couple of daylight cfls to get the seedlings going and established then they go under the light mentioned above and in the pics below for about 2-3 weeks. I`m doing a couple of dry runs right now in the bigger grow room with the 4 foot 8 bulb T5 grow light to get the room, air flow, exhaust and temps dialed in before they go out to that room. They will stay there untill the weather outside is good enough for our outdoor summer grow. I know I kind of rambeld on here but that covers how we start them to the point of being ready for outside or for growing in our bigger grow rooms.

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  10. Im in the process of configuring a grow. One of my main questions would have to be, where is the best place to get seeds? Im living in the US in a non bud-friendly state. Does anyone know of a site that they have had good luck with? Im just worried about not recieving my order, or having the order ceased by customs or something of that sort. Please comment with any advise. Thanks
  11. Check out the seed bank section. Alot of good info on seed banks and such also info on how to pay.
  12. i'm 8 1/2 weeks into flower on a Kushage plant, and im at a bit of an impasse. 8 weeks is not quite as long as i would expect a sativa-dom girl to take, and about 60% of the pistils are still bone white... but the trichomes look quite mature to me. im a novice, this will be my fourth grow, but it seems uncanny; the trichs are mostly cloudy, some clear but fully formed, and just a few light amber. im trying for a somewhat more "upbeat" high so i was planning to harvest well before there was a whole lot of amber, but im worried if she is ready, and i let her keep going because of the white pistils, im gonna overshoot the harvest window. does this happen frequently (lots of white hairs close to harvest)? could it be that the plant does have a good amount of mature/maturing trichomes but is also still producing new ones, which have yet to mature? +rep for sure for anyone who can give me some insight! all info appreciated :) thanks gc
  13. Post some pics.

  14. heh good call :) have to wait til tomorrow to get 100% recent photos, really appreciate ya taking the time.
  15. I grew a couple of Sour Cream plants indoors a year or so ago and kept an eye on the trichs and the majority stayed a milky white color very few went amber. It was the first time I grew a sativa dominent strain indoors mostly grow hybrids. I was then told to go by the majority of the trichs being milky white in color and by the white hairs turing an orangish color and pull back into the buds.
  16. Is it a good Idea to start plants outside for vegging, then bringing it in for flowering?
  17. I start seedlings and clones inside about a month or so before planting outside where they veg even more then let them finish up outside.
  18. Well, I want to take advantage of the beautiful weather (very rare year) im getting in my area (st. louis) perfect humidity, temperature and there is lots of sunlight this spring, my plant sprouted from the ground a couple of days ago. So far Im seeing decent results, just hope it grows well outside until its time for flowering. ( I do flowering inside unless I start vegging in june or july, dont want them to get TOO big to where the whole neighborhood can see/smell them)
  19. Thanks for your time into making this, I just had a read of this and I found it to be a better guide than most of the paid books.


  20. Yeah, starting it outside wasn't such a good Idea, it got eaten by a slug. (of all the fucking things in the world)

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