Beginners Guide To Get You Started In Growing Cannabis

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing Guides' started by jcj77d, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. This is everything you need to know in order to grow the best cannabis and get the best yields : How to grow Cannabis
  2. Wonderful guide for growing weed! Thank you for this. I am scouring the internet looking for grow guides. I want to start my own line of healthy edibles and sell them at multiple dispensaries!!!!!
  3. leds produce 1 watt per gram while hps produces .5 watt per gram and cfl makes .5 watt per gram if you're really lucky
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  4. Hi, i'm not getting the bit about npk...20-20-20 or 6-2-4 both for veg but totally different and miles apart so which one do you chose ? Can you please explain that in simple terms if poss.
    Thank you!
  5. Is she ready for harvest?
  6. Need to be updated
  7. Thanks buddy!

    This really helped! :)
  8. yo i got a way better list on a google doc if u interested just pm or reply to this
  9. And for me light height and strength in the beginning with seedlings and vege are always a daily concern. Once in flower, they seem to settle down and I usually find a sweet spot about 16" for my 3 x 3 tent 400MH and HPS.
  10. Hello!!

    Do you have a suggestion for a full kit with a grow box for beginners. I am looking to keep it indoors. I would just like a kit that comes with everything needed so i know it's all compatible.

    Thanks in advance! =)
  11. I am not sure where you are, but a local grow shop can outfit you. Also, there are tents and lights available on amazon. Good luck!
  12. Don't...!!! You will get overpriced inferior parts!!!
    Just take notes on the items in the package and price them separately (Amazon, Fleabay etc)..You will have better parts for way less $$$..FACT!!
  13. What in the worl....

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  14. d
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  15. Hi...Thanks for the guide ...But I would appreciate if anyone can share me a complete detailed video tutorial for growing one or two plants indoor ..Even if it's a paid tutorial I am fine

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  16. wow what an amazing thread! im a third generation gardener (all be it my family is from hawaii and had a sugar and pineapple plantation!) i have started growing (just to see if i could) and have some small sprouts about 2 months old now but have some questions i did not see answered in the beginning!

    My sitch: i currently have 4 sproutlings (i feel like they should be growing faster by now but ill be patient) in pots outside.
    they get full morning to late afternoon shade (where my house then blocks the sunset.
    Ive been watering with regular hose water (which im told is hard water) so i supplement nutes with used coffee grounds, liquid fish and sea keep fert, and i mist them every morning with the hose and do a "heavy" watering about once or 2 a week.

    My problem: the leaves are starting to turn yellow and curl and turn a little crunchy but not looking like they are beyond repair. ((my sunflowers in my front yard are acting suspicious as well))

    COULD it be my hard water? all my other plants and flowers which are typically fussy types are doing well in my native soil.

    IF hard water is the issue, what type of water should i be using?
    i have access to RO, and purified bottled as well.

    im in so cal and the temps here are rising since summer is officially thursday.

    thanks in advance you guys seem great! ; )
  17. Thanks for that.

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