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    Hi fellow growers!!
    I am setting up this thread as i am going into my 5th year growing cannabis using Aeroponic systems.
    I have learned a lot from growing this way, and i am here to help you growing in what i believe is the future of growing.
    The yields is just AMAZING!!!
    Feel free to ask about everything, and i will be sure to answer as much as my knowledge reach.
    I will be posting pictures in the near future, from 2 different set-ups!
    Keep on growing peeps ;)

  2. So down to learn :) thanks man.
  3. Just started looking into aero! Very good timing! Thanks man.

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  4. Just start with questions, i am in veg mode on both setups, i will start posting pics when flowering!
    If you however are located in the states, it is not easy to get your hands on the GH systems i use, probably you got to order it from Europe, if so i have a trusted contact that can ship it as cheap as possible! Just let me know!
  5. Thanks!
    I actually built a bucket that houses 7 2inch pots. It's got two micro 360 sprayers, and seems nice enough. I tried running water through it for a day or two, and the bucket got slick and dis colored like orange ish or rust. Shut it down and put it away. I was almost going to start one seed from it, but now I'm not too sure. I need to research it a while longer before I waste the seeds.
  6. You GOTTA clean it up!
    a bit of diluted 1 part Bleach in 10 parts H2o.
    scrub inside & out, run the system for couple of hours.
    then flush wiht HOT water a couple of hours.
    then , let er rip. any greenish slickness shows later, few DROPS of bleach.
    I prefer H2o2 (hyg. Peroxide) as it vapors out & convertrs to Oxygen to boot!
  7. Thanks! That makes sense. I didn't think of bleach for plants thought it would hurt them. When I run a photo plant I'm going to clone it. Right now we're running all autos, thought they would be fun. I'm a little hesitant to start any photo plants due to only having one tent set up at the moment. Hopefully after these two batches of four plants we can try a photo plant. We're trying to do 4 at a time and then two weeks or so we're dropping 4 more seeds to hopefully pull 3 plants at a time and have a rotation vs having to start over every 90 days. That's where photos will be more handy as the cloning will result in saved time

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  9. Cleaning is VERY important. I clean my systems between every growing with a water/bleach solution witch i let run for a day, then scrub it down so it looks new!
    The important thing to remember when you make your own systems, is that you dont want any light getting into your reservoir!! If so, you will get algea ( green slime!) and it fucks up the level of bacterias in your water. Its not crucial, but it also makes it harder to clean.
    I also reccomend a mother plant. Its not that hard once u get used to it! I have some tips and tricks there to, just ask!
    Growing from seed every time could be tiresome.
    Kee on growing!!
  10. Thanks for the info.

    I did try to light proof the system with aluminum tape. It's got two clones running right now, I put in some voodoo juice, b52, cal mag, and plan on adding a small drop of hydrogen peroxide when I get off work today. The clones didn't look healthy when I put them in. One looks like it's doing better now, would you mind if I throw some photos on and get your opinion?

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  11. Sure thing! When taking clones for Aero its important that the ph always is perfect, by that i mean 5.8-6.2. My best yields come after being strict with ph, or else you get lockout of important nutrients.'
    I dont have an Aero cloner at the moment, but i will get it as soon as possible, because then i will have healthy clones ready for the Panda system!
    Another problem with small reservoiars with less water is the water temp. Dont let it go over 25 C.
    How many gallons/ltr is your tank Alaska?
  12. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416411562.194876.jpg
    These are the two clones both look to be doing bad. They were doing poor from the drive home with them, it's about 12 hours. That's the top of the bucket.

    In the bucket I have about two gallons of water, added one cap full of the hydrogen peroxide.
    Then I put a Tupperware over the tops to try to lock in humidity. There not seeming to recover yet. Hopefully there's roots soon, I figure about 10 days and if there's no roots I'll pull them out.

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  13. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416416512.608262.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416416548.841704.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416416584.377435.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416416616.792883.jpg

    Here's some more shots of the clones and cloner. The plants aren't doing great still. Still really hopeful the one larger clone works out its a citrus flavored bomb shell that my wife likes to smoke. I have noticed that it has some small leaves forming that are new, but still has no roots. The other plant is called gerdwood and has wilted a lot, I don't think it can recover. I'm thinking of putting on a bit mor clonex or something. The water is on 30minutes and off 30. The bucket is light proffer with that tape, and I plan to redo the water every 4-7 days. I've been strict on PH and have a ph pen And a TDS tester.

    If the citrus gets roots I'm going to run it in DWC bucket I made so I have a lot of the stuff for hydro. The other thing I'm worried about is the lighting. I have it on 24/7 right now and want to drop it to 20/4. I have the kind led 300 and think it may be lacking in enough light.
    I have a 250 watt cfl in blue spectrum that I can add in, and a lot of the small CFLs in both blue and red. (Originally I couldn't afford an led. Then the grow got pushed back a week and I got paid so I bought the kind)
    Until the refund gets back to me from tooled for the Mars 2 900 watt light I ordered I can get another led. They have been trying to get the refund back for 10 days.
    Also I have a bag of soluble root growth enhancer that's fungi I haven't used it yet but was considering using it if it would help in the aero bucket.
    If you have any ideas let me know I love social networking to share ideas and compare grows. I watched a good video on YouTube called seemorebuds vol 1 it's an aero and hydro grow that gave me some ideas.

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    Dude, you got to put the clones in a dome!!! They need at least 90 % humidity to grow roots!!
    And to be honest, thoose clones where shitty man, google clones and you will see how they should look like.
    And when it comes to light, you dont want a led, you want cfls blue light (fluorescent lights).
    I advis you to read first how to set up, because this will be a failure if not.
    1:  Your clones will die, unless you buy or make a humidity dome.
    2:  You need correct lighting something like this!!
    3: Fix this first, if there still is hope for your clones.
    The clones are inside a dome or what? hard to say from the pics, and if so the humidity is just 35%??
  15. They do have a dome, I had to remove it for the photo.
    Im using a 2 ft, t5 4bulb light for sprouts and clones for a week, then switched to led.

    That photo was early in the morning before work my humidify had run out of water, usually it's running on high.

    That's the biggest concern was how bad they were before they made it up to me. I'm not sure if there going to recover. It was difficult to get photos but they were looking dead from day one. Just from transporting them.

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  16. I have a lot of questions reguarding a little something im setting up, could I PM you?
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    Bring it here in the forum, others could learn from it to!
  18. What are your opinions on nutrients in aeroponics? Ive recently purchased an aeroflo 36 and im getting all the things together for the operation. This is a first time thing. But ive done a fair amount of research spent my fair amount of dollars to do this thing right FIRST time and not kill any precious ladies.
  19. I am all alone out here. No in person help from anyone with experience.
  20. I cant decide on nutes. Most of what ive read on forums is basically a pissing matching
    , claimimg what they use is the best amd everything else is crap.

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