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  1. I found this grow box on the Colorado Grow Box website and I think it seems perfect for what I'm trying to accomplish. I just want to grow one or two plants at a time, enough to get a pretty good yield for myself. This box seems to have a good lighting system, comes with all the lights I need and a timer, intake and exhaust fans with replaceable carbon filters, comes with nutrients and PH controls, as well as a PH tester, and a lock which is probably the most important part for me. Is it worth it? I have about 50 bag seeds that I'll practice with for the first few times before I put in the money for good seeds, hopefully I can get a good yield off the bag seeds too. It came from a plant from my aunt, who's been growing all her life and owns a huge farm in Cali. They should be pretty good seeds, she just stressed this plant out so much that she Hermed.



    Box is $395 with free shipping, very silent and discreet and can be placed in my closet where no one will ever find it but me. It's the best option I've seen even if it's a little pricy, but hey you get what you pay for, right? Plus, this way I wouldn't have to buy anything else until I ran out of carbon filters or nutes. I already have good soil for it.

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  2. Also I was thinking of doing four grow lights and two flower lights for veg, and then two grow lights and four flower lights for flower, does that seem like it would work well? I read that the plants need both spectrums to grow properly, and that it's good for them to mix up the spectrums a little.

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  3. I like the tent and the other odds n ends that come with. I can't speak to the lights as I use hid and led. If you're going to do two plants you can put one in each corner. A 24x48 would improve accessibility but really comes down to the same thing.

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  4. This is does not look like a good deal for $400. Those fans are just computer fans that you can buy for $20, those 600w lights are really only 23w CFLs that you can buy for a few dollars a piece. The Mylar, you can even see where it's taped on with aluminum tape. You sometimes get what you pay for but sometimes you also just get ripped off. As slim as that box is it'll be hard to even grow one plant in it and you're gonna have heat issue with just one tiny fan for intake and another tiny one for exhaust. Save your money, a box seems like a good idea at first but once you do your research a tent is a much better idea, you can get a great tent and light system for $400, buy that instead of this rip off.
  5. There's only one reason somebody would list the incandescent equivalent when selling a grow package, they're trying to snag people who don't know how to grow.

    Seriously, the most valuable piece of equipment is the locking box. Everything else is a couple bucks here, couple bucks there. A 6 bulb cfl fixture can be assembled for under $20, gh flora series is cheap as fuck, there's nothing there i would pay more than $15-$20 except for the locker itself.

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