Beginners: Beware of Autos

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  1. Everyday I see new threads started by new members who are having growth problems and deficiencies, and they are using autos. The problem is not the autos. Everybody was new at one point, and I would say that with few exceptions, most people including myself have had problems when starting out and had to go through a learning curve.

    I like to ask the OP's why they used autos on their first grow and the answer is always pretty much the same - they either thought or were told that growing autos is a lot easier and less work. Nothing could be further from the truth. I would hardly consider having to switch your light schedule to 12/12 as work. I'm not saying autos are bad - there are good reasons for growing autos but it requires experienced growers with the ability to maintain a healthy plant and grow problem-free from start to finish. Autos have a very short and uncontrollable life span - any interruptions in the growth cycle due to slow growth or deficiencies will result in a very poor and disappointing yield. It might only take 10 weeks from start to finish, but if you only yield a few grams it's hardly worth it. My suggestion to all beginners is to start with photos, so should you develop any problems (and I assure you that you will) you will have time to work through it and not have it effect the end result. Do autos after you become proficient at growing. Good Luck to All.
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  2. This is a 100% spot on, I didn't do autos until my 7th grow and I still ran into troubles along the way, they're a lot more sensitive than photos but I still enjoy growing them, with practice you will only get better

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  3. Heck I still have issues with my autos it's all about taking your time and being consistent I do pretty good harvested almost a qp dry from my auto white widow and looks like my northern lights x big bud is going to be a 6 ouncer or more the pic with one main plant is it my regular northern lights ones doing great ones having some trouble I Kno it's my fault I probably over watered or didn't mix soil well enough but o well live and learn never give up lol[​IMG][​IMG]

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  4. 1st grow indoor photos i would have had some fucked up autos for sure
  5. bump
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  6. Autos are kinda cheating in my opinion
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  7. Cheating but you take a lot more risks and can get very little reward.

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  8. This has me worried I'm doing something wrong on my first auto [​IMG]

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  9. Fuck autos....

    That is all
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  11. I don't know what the height has to do with it - the last auto I grew was 3' tall from the top of the pot. At least with photos you can flip to 12/12 when it's small, plus you can always lst if height is a concern.
  12. Tell us how you really feel J&J. Lol.
  13. Peeps say they do have the same thc content but all the seed bank autos ive seen are like about 7-10% lower
  14. They don't because of the ruderalis genetics which does lower it I find. But I've still been plenty high off my autos. 30% Amber seems to be the sweetspot

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  15. Autos are worth less. Why anyone grows them is beyond me. Whats so appealing about them?

    You dont need to adjust your light schedule!
    Oh is it really that fucking difficult to get a timer?

    They have really fast finish times!
    If you dont wanna wait ...than growing cannabis is not for you.

    As stated above you also need to have a healthy plant start to finish. Any delay hits your yeilds. With photo plants if something happens ...oh well just veg it a little longer fix the issue and then flower.

    I dont want some pussy plant i gotta make sure its good everyday becuz i only have 60 days.

    I have never seen an auto that impressed me. Fluffy and small best describes autos for me... I want dense and huge.

    Show me onr auto that can look like this.

    And mother fuckers we still got a month of veging to go.

    So let the kids grow autos so they can hide them from their parents. Real growers grow dont fuck with autos.

    Sorry if i offended anyone
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  16. I still feel like growing autos can improve a grower more than an photo because of how fragile they are, it helped me dial in nutes so I can have photo girls like this [​IMG]

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  18. No. I would still try n help others.
  19. Grow what you like, I grow both because I'm a grower, doesn't matter what it is

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  20. Thats like saying i like pussy but i dont care what she looks like
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