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    I'm looking into exploring the drug world further. I usually just smoke and drink, and not very often, and then pop pills when they're very easily accessible. So my questions are:

    -What realm of drugs do you think I should start with (psychedelics, stimulants, opiates, etc)?
    -What specific drug should I start with?
    -What activities work well with that drug to have a meaningful experience?

    I know there are plenty of threads similar to this, but I'm interested in hearing some opinions on what would be the optimal path through the drug world, which I haven't really heard on here yet. Thanks errbody
  2. Try mushrooms...the world will be new again.
  3. Would you recommend any other drugs? I've heard great things about shrooms so I think I will try those, but should I start with those? Stick to those?
  4. smoke some hash its similar to herb so its a good transition try some opium if you think you can handle it

    i would definitely try shrooms!! this is a must if you like it i strongly recommend acid

    if you like stimulants do some coke oh and definitely try ecstasy

    ummm stay away from pcp, meth, and heroin and you should be gravy

    remember when you do these to have the right set and setting

    if you are not sure about something make sure to have a friend with you and

    turn off your phone and tell others your busy when doing the drug

    but remember that alot of these are nothing to take lightly and i cant stress this enough that you have to know its only a drug and the high WILL pass

    keep a positive state of mind in all situations and have fun :)
  5. Cannabis, shrooms, alcohol, and maybe nicotine, and caffeine... You really do not need much else IMHO. :p
  6. Thanks. I fuckin love this community.
  7. no problem man

    keep us posted with each new one you try

    and don't get addicted to anything <-- probably the most important thing

    mind over matter bro
  8. Well, opiates will give you the greatest happiness of all time. Its like they cancel out the "thinking" and "production" parts of the brain, because one doesnt need those to work because pure happiness has already been achieved.

    And be careful, I started my over indulgence with the same outlook as you.
  9. The problem is, its actually mind over instinct. Addiction becomes an instinct like a light switch. :eek:
  10. Just an FYI as I saw someone mention opium. If you're in the USA, it's going to be nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get legit opium. If you do a search for "fake opium" or something along these lines, you'll find that a large amount of opium sold is these incense logs, but very very rarely will you find opium as a street drug, etc.
  11. opiates are just a superior high a drug that matches your personality man. try some different shit and see what fits, youll know when you find it. opiates and other downers are it for rather be able to chill and be stoned then feel totally wired and be racing around, but everyone is different. my biggest advice would probably be to stay away from hard drugs unless you have really strong willpower because there usually a dead end street and little good comes from it. keep it light and keep it in moderation, some pills here and there, maybe trip once in a while, shit like that wont take over your life and youll still have a great time in the process.
  12. I think you should start small with things like vics and xanax.
    Let yourself feel the pleasure of having your entire body tingle. Theres really nothing like it.
    Don't develop a pill habit, tell yourself you can only buy pills once every other month or so.

    Then move into things like mushrooms. They are a great beginner psychedelic drug.
    Eat 3.5 grams worth, drift away and let your mind explore every part of your imagination.

    Then you want to get your hands on some MDMA. Ecstasy is by far my favorite drug of all.
    If you have two really good rolls, you will honestly understand the experience. How lights
    become explosions in your eyes, to how everything feels like soft , warm and tingly,
    to how amazing music sounds. You notice things you would normally never hear,
    like really low background singers, or how deep that chord really is. I'm actually one a green
    g spot right now hahaha

    After E, I would say you could try coke or maybe acid. If you choose coke, buy yourself an 8 ball
    (3.5 grams) and tell yourself after this its it. This is a one time thing, and you have to commit to that.
    With acid, I would really only trip if you had a friend present or at least tripping with you.
    Someone prefferable thats had experience with acid before. Sit back, let it kick in, and feel yourself
    become one with god, fucking go to hells amusement park, see snakes crawl from under things.
  13. shrooms and the outdoors ftw
  14. try everything once but dont look for it let it find you that the way i look at things(...or maybe im just really stoned....)
  15. try salvia, then try shrooms, then acid
  16. aicd,shrooms,xanax and E is all you need

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