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  1. So yeah I started growing this plant and it's on day 2-3. I keep it by my window so the sunlight can can help it grow and water it when I can. Is their any thing I'm doing wrong or should do.
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    You shouldn't start plants this late in the season, especially in a window

    You shouldn't "water it when you can" but when the soil in dry about an inch below tue surface

    You should invest in some type of lighting, if your planning to grow this plant indoors all the way(witch, this late in the season is your best bet) I would invest in a hps or if you have a little money a mh/Hps using the Hps for budding and mh for veging.
    To be cost effective you could use cfl's for veg and if your planning on just growing this plant to fruition by it's self I would flower under a 150w Hps or if your going to clone it and grow a few plants get a higher wattage Hps, for 4 decent sized plants I would use a 400w Hps for flower and 4 100 watt equivalent cfl bulbs(23 watt) per plant

    You'll also need nutrients, if this is your first grow I would recommend keeping it in soil, if your only growing in soil some cheap 10$ 20-20-20 ferts will do
  3. Awe bro big help! Though you think I could get those lights at a store like walmart or what?
  4. Yes, get cfl's, they're cheap. You'll need 5 20w for one plant, 1 for a seedling.
  5. For an outdoor grow that's true. For an indoor grow you can start any time you want.

    As for the ferts, the specific NPK numbers don't matter but the ratio does. So for example if you find 10-10-10 that has the same balance as 20-20-20.

    Overall, OP you have a lot of reading to do. There is much to learn and much of it is already covered for you and spoon-fed to you in the sticky threads and grow guides, check links in my sig, dig down a few pages through the Beginners and Indoor sections, and absorb like a sponge.
  6. huuuuuge help!!!!

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