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    1st. Grow. Planted 2 Auto fem white widow in my 4x4 grow tent in my soil medium ( Sunshine Mix #4 ) using my 600 watt hps / mh grow light. How far away should my light be in order to get them to break ground ?
    Temp is. 84 deg / humidity 51%
    Any help would be great
  2. I would not put that light for seedlings trying to sprout man they don't actually even need light to germ, use a 110w CFL light that you can get from the hardware store and put that about 6" above.... then a few weeks later put under the big bastsrd.... some people say straight away, but I have white widow as well and ALL have died when out under the strong light.... the 2 that didn't I kept under the cfl for a few weeks
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  3. Thanks man
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  4. i have a 600 watt HPS cool tube and i'm also growing autos. i start all my plants under it and i've never had any problems at all. i start it out about 26" or so to begin with, and then slowly lower it to about 18" when they're ready. 84 is kinda pushing it, make sure they don't get too hot and you'll be fine!

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  5. Play soothing music like classical or jazz for indica, punk rock or rap for sativa.
  6. Wow
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  7. Thanks so much
  8. I've heard autos should be for experienced growers.. you have little room for mistakes with them
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  9. Also my plants are drying out some probably should spray them a little more than 2/day ?
  10. with your temp i'd imagine your top soil is drying out pretty quick, i have the same problem. make sure to not let it dry out while they're germinating. i keep my top soil for the most part moist until they have about two sets of leaves, but that is due to my low humidity. i spray about every 3 hours or when i can, i don't see any harm in spraying as often as you'd like as long as you're not drenching the soil, little sprouts don't need much water to begin with. and make sure not to get drops on her leaves while the lights on, it'll bleach her and leave spots.

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  11. Ok thanks so much for info
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