Beginner wondering why buds are airy and loose

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  1. These plants look dense but when it came to drying them out the got loose
    And airy and barley any yield from it but then again it's 20 year old seeds and second batch of clones too so not sure why [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]it kinda dries out from the stem it seems like

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  2. Because you don't have strong enough light to flower them under. You also really should always fill up your pot with soil leaving only enough room to water without it running out of the pot. The roots are the brain of your plant and if they're not happy, your plant isn't happy. Go to the new grower threads here and read the "sticky's there for beginners. They contain pretty much all the basic info the new grower needs to know. Having a place and lights to grow is one thing, but there is a whole other side of this growing thing. You've got to learn the process of growing these plants. Until you figure that out, you'll have sickly plants. But the density of your buds is directly proportional to the strength of light they flower under. If you flowered with CFL's, there's your answer. They work pretty good for veg, but stink when it comes to the flowering cycle. You at least need hps to flower under or you'll never get solid buds....unless you put about 10,000 cfls in the flower room. LOL The more you grow, the better you get at it. But looks to me like you need to do some reading up on how to grow the plant. TWW
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  3. I had a 1000watt with 2 200 watt CFL lights

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  4. Ive had this happen outdoors on some mexican brick weed seeds before. Could be genes could be just simple gene retardation
  5. I think you was trying to show that in the second picture that all your other plants are good? I mean don't get me wrong when I read the title I'm all like "lights". See more and I second wth lol other veg plants look hella heathy.

    I have no answer but imma watch this thread. I think it's hella funny that you even got a 20 year old seed to come to life. You said something about 2nd beach clones? So.. Did you clone this thing two times? If so was the first clones ok? And please posts pics if you are saying second clones wasn't ok. You also said they looked good before drying them, do you have pics of them before the dry? Because that one picture looks to be in soil with it looking fugly.

    Again think that's really cool and kinda funny(only to me :))
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  6. The buds looked dense from when it was about to dry I'll take some pics today of some of the plants that look airy I took out the 1000 watt so I think that may be the problem I just had to much heat for the room considering it's an open air sealed room with no proper ventilation those clones are the second batch because I planted those seeds and grew them in veg till I got as much clones as possible then after those clones were ready to flower that's the batch that turned out to be airy, I think it's because not enough light as well and we have no reflective hoods and there not quite lined up right some way taller than the other idk just here to find better ways to improve my garden :)

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  7. [​IMG] this is the bud that looked dense but when I dried and cured it, it turned to pretty much just lead with trichomes all over it

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  8. same thing happened to me. 2 identical plants, 2 identical lights one over each plant. And one is hard as nails and the other never did harden up. First thing I suspected my light. I'm smoking the fluffy stuff right now. Seems to be just as potent.
  9. Just one question...
    Why clone a shitty plant??
    You are supposed to clone the best of the best man.
  10. Have to start somewheres there 20 year old seeds man had to get it going somehow

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  11. Underdeveloped. Should of bloomed longer.

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  12. :) we gotta start somewhere! Shit happens we know better next round... Trial and error

    My attempt at green crack ( I hope)
    Documenting noobs first grow
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    beginner grower I need of help
  14. Oh for fucks sake no!!! Did you do that on purpose? You have a plant in a tiny plastic container with about 1 oz. of soil. You killed it. Unless I mis understand your post. No offense but plant looks like total shit.
  15. Look at OP's other pics. They are in 5 gallon buckets. That just happens to be a square bucket.
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  16. looks to me like you did not do any trimming either wet or dry.
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    1000W of what type? brand and model?
  18. Have you grown dense buds with the same setup? I think something is lacking in your routine. That plant you have pictured looks tiny for being grown under a 1000 watt light. It looks like a bottom side branch of one of my plants. I have bigger plants vegging with 180 watts.

    What soil are you using? Do you mix in perlite or amendments? What nutrients and supplements do you use? Have you checked the ph of your feed water? What temps are you running day and night in the bud room? Do you have a decent exhaust fan so you're changing the air in the grow space?

    Get some promix, perlite, and fabric pots. Get a bottle of GH flora micro, bloom, and calimagic. Follow the lucas formula. Problems solved.
  19. You should get a reflector hood and an exhaust fan. Standard gull wing reflectors go for as cheap as $28 on ebay but I would recommend a vented hood like a cooltube or rectangular vented hood. Vented hoods allow you to get the light much closer to the plants because there's less heat radiation coming off the light.

    You pretty much need a vented hood and exhaust fan to run 1k hps/mh lights indoors successfully unless your grow space is massive enough to dissipate heat from open hoods or you want to pay for a/c.

    Cheapest I found on amazon is $49.

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