Beginner with a bong

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  1. Hey everyone. So I've decided to get back into cannabis but I have a newbie question. I went today and bought an acrylic bong. When I got it home the stem wasn't installed. Instead, it had the stem in a bag with a rubber gasket and something resembling a paperclip with three loops. Like I said, I'm pretty new so I am not sure how to put this thing together. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  2. Put the rubber gasket through the hole, run the stem under water to lube it and put it through the gasket and hole. Not sure what you mean by 3 loop paperclip thing but if you show pics I can probably help. Also, not trying to get you down but acrylic sucks you should've gotten glass tbh.
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  3. That paperclip thingy just goes around the stem under the bowl. It's basically a little holder for it so you don't burn your fingers. I'll leave it to you to determine its usefulness.

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