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beginner who needs help lol cloning , sexing and basics

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by damien1993, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. heyy im still on my first plant and i wanted to know ...can i clone from one of the bigg fan leaves ? lol stupid question i know also does the plant look like a male or female i just finished cutting off most bottom fan leaves i kept about 6 big ones on there since the branches didnt get anny light and the branches are they long enuff to cut i want to get clones out of her lol sorry for all the questions i just had a hard time to get this baby in seed form its a strain called friesland usually found as a clone i finally got my hands on seeds ...... please help and if i clone will i absolutely need rooting hormone or can i just use water like a normal plant thanks for the help and heres some HD pics of it lol anny thing helpfull and no bad comments please i am just a beginner who did allot of research+ by the way its only a month and a half at 20 inches tall lol

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    No you need a branch with a good 3+ nodes..your bottom branches look big enough
  3. ^^^^ that is correct. I wouldn't prune yet either they are still getting and using light even on bottom, I usually don't prune the bottom stuff on my lst'd plants until a few weeks into flower, you can tuck them out of the way for now if you want but it still needs those leaves for photosynthesis
  4. Yea might wanna wait till its bigger to clone..i always top mine so the sides get bigger and bushier..also if you need an easy way to clone i would go with a bubble can make a small one with a plastic coffee can (or whatever) with just water and a big air stone and decent pump..easy roots in around 10 days
  5. Dont cut/pull leaves off friend

    [ame=]Jorge Cervantes PSA: Keep Your Leaves On! - YouTube[/ame]

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