Beginner w/ Hydro Nutrients

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by elrodvoss, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Evening everyone,

    First I would like to day that I am completely new to this. I have had an interest in the growing community for years and how this wonderful plant effects everyone different.

    So I have decided to dive head first into the world of closet hydro, sadly I realized that I was diving into the shallow end and while I had the main idea, I don't know the finer details.

    My current indoor setup is:
    Grow Tent
    30w Blue/Red LED Light Panel
    3 Pot Hydro Drip System
    4 Inch Vent Blower w/ Homemade Active Carbon Filter
    In-Line PH/PPM Meter

    I have a set of seeds that I wanted to try (3 x Creamy Carmel Auto), but what I am really lacking is info on nutrients. I have looked and read and searched and can only get a very basic understanding of what I need.

    I understand that you need 1 type of solution when you 1st start to promote a strong root system, then you switch to another solution to promote growth, then another when you go into flowering stage, then 5-7 days before harvest you switch to a flushing stage. I also understand that I need to keep solutions to raise and lower the PH levels.

    My lack of knowledge is what solutions I need for each stage. I have heard suggestions of B52 and Big Bud, but still no information other then brands.

    On a side question, in relation to the rock wool, am I correct in thinking that I could take the seed and place it into the rock wool and place that into the medium for the hydro and allow the seed to sprout its roots through the rock wool and continue till harvest or will I have to remove the plant from the rock wool and place directly into the medium?

    Thank you for your time.

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