Beginner Ventilation Question

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jay1800, May 3, 2011.

  1. Hi Grasscity!
    Just a quick question here: I have a grow tent with only one 6 inch vent and the rest are 4 inches. I have a 6 inch cool tube HPS and a 6 inch fan. I know people scorn against duct reducers but it looks like the only option. Would it be ok if I used a 6 in to 4 in duct reducer on the other side of the cool tube for the output vent for heat?

    Thank you for your time Grasscity!
  2. You could pull the air through a carbon filter then through your fan then our through the 6 inch vent.

    Carbon filter=>Inline fan=>Light=>Out of tent.
  3. 1: I'll be treating heat and stink with separate ventilation
    2: I thought carbon filters where used for treating smell, doesn't it make sense to have a carbon filter on the way out of the tent?

  4. Not really you'd be sucking the air inside the tent through a filter first to filter it. Just another way to do it.

    If you use a reducer make sure your fan has some more oompf to it. You get reductions in air flow from long tubes, turns, and reducers.

  5. You still need to suck it from the outside or you would create a vacuum

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